Qian Li (千鲤: Thousand Carp) was the third last Immortal Emperor of the Emperors Era[1] and the most recent Immortal Emperor of the Sacred Nether World.[2]

Qian Li is one of the most mysterious Immortal Emperors in the history. Almost nothing is known about him, or her, as even Qian Li's gender is a secret. Even Qian Li's disciples, didn't know whether their master was a man or a woman. There was even a rumor stating that during the Qian Li's generation, no one had ever seen the Qian Li's true appearance, not even Qian Li's own disciples. The only thing future generations knew is that Emperor was a demon, but Qian Li's true form remained unknown.[3]

Qian Li founded the Thousand Carp River.[4]

Stone At The Peak

At some point, after she became an Immortal Emperor, Qian Li visited the Prime Ominous Grave's Divine Dragon Mountain. She tried to obtain the Stone At The Peak, but it ignored her, so Qian Li went away.[5]


  • Qian Li's spirit recognized Li Qiye, so Qian Li is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[7]


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