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Qi Zhen (启真: Truth Starter) was born before the Ancient Ming Era.[1]

Qi Zhen was always a mystery; no one knew Qi Zhen's background, race or even gender.[2] It is generally accepted that Qi Zhen was the founder of the Heavenguard Sect, but even that is debated by some.[3]

Qi Zhen disappeared shortly after becoming an Immortal Emperor.[2]


Qi Zhen didn't have any children, but somehow Qi Zhen's bloodline was recreated by Immortal Emperor Mu Tian and thrived on ever since.[2]

In the Current Era, Qi Zhen's descendant was born with a very pure blood comparable to Qi Zhen's own blood.[3]


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    1. The Heavenguard Sect already existed during the Ancient Ming Era, but it couldn't have been created during it, because only Xue Xi and Bu Zhan were Emperors not from Ancient Ming in that Era. So, Qi Zhen, could have become an Immortal Emperor and create the Heavenguard Sect only before the Ancient Ming Era.
    2. Qi Zhen's gender is generally unknown to others (Chapter 940), but according to Li Qiye she is a woman (Chapter 1786).
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