Pseudo-Immortal is a Cultivation Level shared by diverse cultivation systems. They have almost eternal life and indestructibility. In order to achieve this level, a cultivator should have a complete understanding of the Anima and "evolve". In the Tenth World, only twelve Heaven wills Grand Emperors have the possibility to reach this level.[2]

At this current time, it is unknown how strong a Pseudo-Immortal is compared to ultimate-level existences, such as an Immortal Emperor and Grand Emperors.

Three known Pseudo-Immortals are the three emperors, Sui, Xi, and Nong, who created the Three Immortal Worlds.

Li Qiye is a Pseudo-Immortal, but he is not counted among the 36 Pseudo-Immortals due to the special nature of his origin, status, and cultivation.

Based on the fact that the Three Immortal Worlds is shielded from the heavens, it can be seen that although a Pseudo-Immortal cannot defeat the heavens, the heavens cannot kill them or those under their protection.

It is unknown if there is a limit to the number of Pseudo-Immortals that can exist at one time or born in an Epoch.

Abilities/Capabilities Edit

  • Crossing planes of existence(As evident of the three emperors escaping the eyes of the heavens)
  • Creating worlds(?)
  • Near-invincible bodies
  • Near-eternal lifespans
  • Capable of creating barriers able to split two planes of existence(Only the three emperors have been shown to be able to do this)
  • Able to create separate planes of existence(?)(It is unclear whether or not the plane of existence the Three Immortal Worlds exist were created by the three emperors or by the universe)


  • 2 Character(s) at the Pseudo-Immortal level
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