The Provisional Palace is the 4th level of Cultivation.[2]

At this level person can build a second Fate Palace within the Ni Gong meridian. Building a new Fate Palace from scratch is not an easy matter. The process could not be rushed, because if a mistake appeared, it would directly cause the emerging Fate Palace to collapse and rebuilding it again would be extremely difficult.[3]


  1. Starting Palace (宫起): This stage consists in the formation of an additional Fate Palace, called Servant Palace, in the Ni Gong meridian.[3]
  2. Gushing Springs (涌泉): This stage is about establishing a route with the Spring of Life and creating a Spring of Life in the Servant Palace.[4]
  3. Igniting Fires (燃火): This stage is about increasing the fire of life and creating a Cauldron of Life in the Servant Palace.[4]
  4. Breaking Grounds (破土): In this stage a Tree of Life is created in the Servant Palace.[4]
  5. Rising Pillars (擎柱): In this stage a Pillar of Life is created in the Servant Palace.[4]


  • 6 Appearance(s) of Provisional Palace
  • 1 Character(s) at the Provisional Palace level
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