An ancient item that was once sought by Samsara Wild Ancestor[1] and Xiao Shi[2]. Samsara only saw them in passing, they weren’t fated for him.

During Li Qiye's search, he read through countless scrolls in the nine worlds and even went to the tenth. There was virtually nothing written about them, only a few lines on ancient murals.


It consists of three dao with the twelve laws, made from the three maelstroms and the item inside the bronze box from the Bronze City.

The twelve were golden but weren’t gold, hardened but weren’t stones. They looked natural hanging off the three dao as if this was their complete form.

If the three grand dao together looked like a beautiful earring, then the twelve laws hanging on them looked like twelve attached string tassels fluttering in the wind. The beauty of this entire thing was beyond imagination.


A set used to absorb the grand dao form of the Heaven’s Will, that was initially flowing like water.[3]


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