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“ The body becomes the vessel of the grand dao while the grand dao becomes the treasury of the body. „[5]



A tree sprouted from a Dao Seed, which contained his true fate, the four symbols together with the Secret Creations and the Three Vessels. It is the basis of Li Qiye's own Cultivation System.

It wasn’t sky-blotting just yet but there were plenty of exuberant leaves, full of life and joy.

He named it Primordial Tree or Grand Dao Tree. The aura and energy coming off it were named primordial energy. This energy encompassed everything - chaos, myriad Dao, emotions, and desires… Everything started from this energy, that’s why Li Qiye named it primordial.

The denser the energy, the more life force the tree had. As long as it grew to a certain level, it would mature enough to have dao fruits. When they ripen, that’s when he would reach the dao.

The Primordial Tree accepted the past and opened the future. The shimmering spots on the tree represented the birth of space, the accumulation of karma, the samsara process, and many others…

The tree became the origin of the world. It began constructing a new framework of laws and orders. It assumed the center area of three thousand worlds, resulting in endless possibilities.

When a cultivator reaches the Dao Lord realm, they are able to grow a Primordial Tree and Dao Fruits.

Epoch Creation[]

When Li Qiye opened the new epoch, his Primordial Tree manifested itself in Nine Worlds and Tenth World. It stayed there and intoduced new cultivation system for 30,000 years and several Dao Lords appeared. After that it disapperad without leaving trace.

During the Great Disaster, it shouldered Heavenly Tribulations and raining dark existences' corpses.


This power was created to challenge the high heaven itself!

Incredible visual phenomena emerged next.

Among them were true immortals heading east; a praying dragon god; the radiance of three thousand worlds.

The light strands weren’t restricted by space and time, able to be seen by anyone at any location.

They seemed to be emanating from the eyes and mind. That’s why even the blind could see it.

They served to illuminate all living beings’ world and their dao heart.

“Buzz.” The phenomena eventually spread enough that everyone could see the visual phenomena regardless of their location.

Eventually, they finally got a complete picture - a tree never seen before by anyone - the Primordial Tree.

This tree was the thing exuding the visual phenomena and light strands. On the branches were dao fruits containing peerless laws, dao, and orders…

The tree shouldered three thousand worlds and everything in them.


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