It is a piece of the Light that gave birth to the Universe.

It is the oldest thing in existence; older than anything else in the world.[1]

For countless Epochs various beings were searching for it everywhere, but no one was able to discover it.[1]

Dark Crow

At some point Li Qiye as Dark Crow learned about its existence and eventually found it. He hid it away in the Mortal Emperor World and asked several Immortal Emperors to help him seal it.[2]

Current Era

After returning his original body. Li Qiye eventually unsealed it in preparations for the war against the Old Villainous Heavens.[2]

He used it to threaten Crystalfowl.[1]


It is a crystal column. The column isn't transparent and resembls a white stone carving. However, it also seems natural enough to be the original form without any alteration. Nevertheless, this opaque property didn’t stop others from seeing a faint flame within. It was weak enough to be extinguished by the most gentle of breeze.[2]


It is the ultimate weapon, stronger than anything and anyone else in existence; it can destroy the Universe.[2]


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