The Pinnacle Lifewater is one of the most precious liquids in the Nine Worlds. One drop of Pinnacle Lifewater can be only refined from the 1000 drops of Myriad Star Water (and one drop of the Myriad Star Water is in itself extremely valuable and can cause even Immortal Emperors to lose their mind and start a war for it throughout the entire Nine Worlds[1]). Moreover, no one really knows the transformation process. Even some Immortal Emperors had tried to research it, but to no avail.[2]

The Pinnacle Lifewater is considered to be just a legend.[2]

Current Era

Li Qiye obtained a bottle of the Pinnacle Lifewater from the Myriad Star Egg in exchange for Machine World Overlord's "Pocket Watch".[2] He then uses some to revive the Myriad Age Tree.

He gives the remainder to Black Dragon King's first body to aid it in making his soul/true fate whole again.


The Pinnacle Lifewater is a crystal clear liquid of an indescribable color. It had the blue of the sky as well as a yellow tint of gold along with the gorgeous shades of the mortal realm. This was a dreamy color that no one could accurately describe.[2]

The Pinnacle Lifewater has a very faint, almost undetectable, fragrance.[2]


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