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The Physique Accumulation is the third level of cultivation.[2]


  1. Blood Strengthening (壮血): At this stage, cultivators could begin to use Longevity Treasures in order to feed their Life Wheel. The Life Wheel in turn would wash the muscles and bones with Blood Energy, entering in the next stage.[3]
  2. Body Tempering (淬体): At this stage, Cultivators could use their Blood Energy to wash theirs Physiques causing a minor improvement.[3]
  3. Body Baptism (洗礼): At this stage, Cultivators have the opportunity to mold their bodies for the first time with the Physique Paste. The higher the Physique Paste's grade, the better it is for the body molding.[4]


  • 15 Appearance(s) of Physique Accumulation
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