Phenom was an incredible progenitor - capable of controlling the earth. According to the legend, he could turn a pile of soil into the strongest deity. This allowed him to sweep through his era uncontested.

The progenitor was different, made from rocks instead of flesh and blood. Nevertheless, his unimpressive gray shade looked to be the toughest material in existence.

Unfortunately, there were cracks everywhere on his body now, like a broken piece of porcelain. Just one touch and everything would crumble.

“I’ve heard a tale about the toughness of this progenitor. He once stood still and let nine masters attack him together. They used several progenitorial weapons but didn’t inflict a single wound.” Supreme True Emperor

He was still standing here was due to an eternal obsession or a grudge of sorts. His corpse would stop anyone from trespassing the snow-laden mountain.


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