Long time ago, this land wasn't named Peacock Land and it was only an island with only around one hundred miles of territory. However, Humans already lived here. Later, a young Peacock Treefather arrived this island and was adopted by a couple. Humans taught him how to cultivated and eventually he became powerful character. In his final days, he returned here to take root and become a Treefather. He refined the sea and created more land for the humans that he considered his family. From that moment, this place was called Peacock Land.[1] In his prosperous age, numerous human lineages lived here and young Treants came to meditate under the Peacock Treefather in order to understand the grand dao.[2]

Current Era

Peacock Land is in decline in the present day and only mortal Humans live here.[1]




Peacock Land is one of the two bases of the Human Race in the Heaven Spirit World. It is a landmass that spanned tens of thousands of miles with rolling hills and green trees.[1]


  • 1 Character(s) from Peacock Land


    1. Li Qiye came to the Peacock Land from the Golden Isle and then went to the Heavenvine Citadel. Both of them are situated in the Jade Sea, so the Peacock Land is most likely also situated there.
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