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There are two types of Paragon Artifacts, both ultimate weapons only crafted by the most powerful individuals.

Epoch Treasures[]

Paragon Artifact of an Epoch (纪元重器: Epoch Ultimate Tool) is a general name for the most powerful weapon created during an epoch. Only one or two would come out every epoch.[1]

They might be used in the Ultimate Expedition, leading, in all likelihood, to their destruction, or are still a threat in the next epochs if held by surviving Dark Overlords.

Li Qiye wonders whether Qi Zhen's Heaven Punishing Imperial Weapon fulfilled the requirements, but is not able to confirm it. It is also debatable how these artifacts compare to a set of True Immortal Armament.[1]

Items, which are claimed to be close to Paragon Artifacts include

  • Heaven Reckon (the apex creation of an epoch[2])
  • Chrono Disc, from Samsara Wild Ancestor, stolen by Li Qiye (claim by Samsara Wild Ancestor[3])
  • Cosmic Immortal Carapace, from Celestial Court, stolen by Li Qiye and given to Mortal Reversion Ancient God (claim by Li Qiye[4])

The only known Paragon Artifact of an Epoch is a sword called

  • True Bones of the Ages, held by the Nine Worlds epoch's Dark Overlord.

Paragon Treasures in Three Immortals World[]

An Ancestral Paragon Treasure (始祖重宝: First Ancestor Ultimate Treasure), also called Paragon Artifact (重器: Ultimate Tool), is a weapon created under certain conditions by an immortal-level Progenitor at least. Crafting one required great effort and a heavy price. If these conditions are met, but the progenitor is of the myriad or imperial level, the resulting weapons are called Quasi-Artifact (半重器: Half Ultimate Tool).[5]

The following weapons can be considered to be complete Paragon Artifacts (完整重宝: Complete Ultimate Treasure):

  • Heavenseize, crafted by Li Qiye.
  • All things, space and time, life, three treasures from the third dark existence used in the Attack on Immortal Lineage.
  • Sickle, a paragon artifact from a dark existence in the World of Death.
  • Gauntlet, a paragon artifact from a dark existence in the World of Death. There were five precious gems engraved on it; each contained a different power - yin yang, time, space… Just one gem alone contained enough power to kill billions in the blink of an eye.[6]
  • Strange weapon, a paragon artifact from the three-eyed abomination, a dark existence in the World of Death. It resembled a boomerang circling around made from numerous flashing stars. This weapon was refined from numerous worlds and their stars but most importantly, all the living beings as well.[6]
  • Eternal Bulwark, given to Li Qiye by an overlord from the six Redemption Grounds.



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