The Palace Foundation is the first level of cultivation. In order to start cultivation, a person must open the Fate Palace, hence the name.[1]

Ordinary cultivators only need a few months to complete this level, while a genius can complete it in around ten days.[2]


  1. First Entrance (叩门: Knocking): At this stage a cultivator need to knock on the Fate Palace's doors, allowing the incantations of the cultivating methods to enter the Fate Palace. During this process, it was akin to a monk knocking on his wooden plate to connect to Buddha. One had to do it nonstop and faithfully, and, only then, would the Fate Palace answer by opening its doors.[3]
  2. Second Awakening (醒觉): At this stage a cultivator is using the Fate Palace Merit Law to awaken True Fate and the souls, as well as the Fate Palace Four Symbols inside of the Fate Palace.[4][5]
  3. Third Bloodsurge (血涌): At this stage a cultivator is condensing the Blood Energy to create his first drop of the Longevity Blood by using the Life Wheel Merit Law.[2]


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