The Palace Expansion is the second level of cultivation.[1] A genius can complete this level in a month.[2]


  1. Merit Law's Building (筑功法): At this stage Cultivator could choose to cultivate different Merit Laws, no matter if it was a Fate Palace, Life Wheel, or Physique method. The next stage would be dependent on the finalized Merit Laws; this was why cultivators called the first stage, Merit Law's Building.[3]
  2. Essence Development (纳精气): At this stage Cultivator need to absorb as much world's Spirit Energy as possible into his/her True Fate where it would be refined. The more spirit energy there was, the stronger the True Fate; the stronger the True Fate, the stronger the Dao Foundation; the stronger the Dao Foundation, the stronger the cultivation level.[2]
  3. Earth's Extension (拓疆土): After the True Fate had absorbed enough of the world’s Spirit Energy, it would break away its own boundary, to turn vast space in the Fate Palace into its own territory.[2]


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