The One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques is a technique created by Dark Crow, after studying the Physique Scripture for millions of years.[1]

Emperors Era

Dark Crow first used the One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques on Black Dragon King, to allow him to cultivate two Immortal Physiques. Black Dragon King then sealed the technique's manual and left it in the Heaven Suppression City's Little Sea Village for Dark Crow's future use.[1]

Current Era

The manual for the One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques was returned to Li Qiye by Zi Cuining.[1]

Li Qiye used the technique on himself and started to cultivate his second Immortal Physique, the Soaring Immortal Physique,[2][3] and then his third[4] and fourth[5] physiques.


The technique can create multiple inner physiques, allowing to cultivate multiple Physiques.[1]


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