Old Villainous Heavens is a mysterious entity that restrains the Nine Worlds and Other Worlds through the use of tribulations.

Old Villainous Heavens lives near to Tenth World. From there Immortal Emperors organize campaigns to destroy it. This battle is called "the war at the end". Li Qiye was the only person who returned alive.


  1. Can create life


  1. It prevents people from born with a Immortal Fate Palace and possibly also with a Immortal Physique or a Immortal Life Wheel.[1]
  2. It hampers cultivaton with the Two Great Disasters.
  3. It hinders cultivators from change or advance in their Physiques with the Physique Tribulation.
  4. It hinders alchemists to create Longevity Medicines with longevity reductions or imperial warnings.[2]
  5. It hinders cultivators to change their original Fate Palace through Fate Changing.[3]
  6. It tries to kill everyone who could be powerful enough to threaten it.[4][5]
  7. It tries to kill everyone who would open a thirteen Fate Palace.[6]
  8. It hinders the creation of new life.[7][8]
  • It completely destroys the civilization when it reach a development that could threaten it. That happened several times in the past, the last at the end of the Legendary Era. 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds and Ancestral Earths are leftovers of previous civilizations. Taboo Existences are usually survivors from that eras and if they are not hidden, Old Villainous Heavens could try to finish the work.
  • It prevents cultivators from the Nine Worlds to reach the Tenth World, but also to reach others worlds.



  • 1 Event(s) in which Old Villainous Heavens participated
  • 1 character(s) killed by Old Villainous Heavens
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