He was born close to the end of the Difficult Dao Era in the Jiangzuo Clan. He was very talented and at the age of 20 already reached the Royal Noble level.[1]

Evil Infested Ridge

Noble Jiangzuo was one of the many cultivators who came to the Evil Infested Ridge.[1]

Shortly after, a group of disciples from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect also came to the Evil Infested Ridge without permission. Suppressive Might Noble tried to stop them, but Gu Tieshou blocked him. Relying only on the Kun Peng's Six Variants he was able to evenly match Suppressive Might Noble to the shock of everyone present. Noble Jiangzuo became greedy and started to think how to get the Kun Peng's Six Variants.[2]

To get the Kun Peng's Six Variants, he invited a powerful expert from his Clan — Jiangzuo Tieyi. However, after entering the Evil Infested Ridge they lost track of Li Qiye and couldn't find him.[3]

While searching for Li Qiye's whereabouts, Noble Jiangzuo used one thousand riders to form the Six Wise Monarchs Formation. They trapped 200,000 years old Heavenly Beast for three days and three nights before finally killing it.[4]

When Li Qiye's group reappeared, Noble Jiangzuo immediately led his troops to surround him. Afraid of Gu Tieshou and Min Ren's self-portrait's power, Noble Jiangzuo proposed a "fair" duel to Li Qiye with Kun Peng's Six Variants and Wise Heart Jewel Box as a bets. Li Qiye agreed for a duel 15 days later, so Noble Jiangzuo lead his cavalry away.[5][3][6]

However, Noble Jiangzuo and Jiangzuo Tieyi — as well as many other powerful cultivators — secretly tailed Li Qiye, wanting to capture him and get the Kun Peng's Six Variants. Li Qiye easily figured out their plans and ordered Niu Fen to run faster, as if in panic, to lure out every greedy cultivator. Soon, a large group gathered and started to attack Li Qiye's group. They were all blocked by Li Shuangyan, while Niu Fen was "frantically" running away deeper into the Evil Infested Ridge.[6]

Under Li Qiye's instructions, they soon reached a territory of a million years old Heavenly BeastHeaven Extermination Devil Ape — who killed all pursuers. Noble Jiangzuo tried to use the Six Wise Monarchs Formation, but it was of no use. He and all his cavalrymen were killed by the Devil Ape, while Jiangzuo Tieyi was seriously wounded and then personally beheaded by Li Qiye. Noble Jiangzuo's corpse was also beheaded.[7]

Li Qiye brought their heads to the entrance of the Evil Infested Ridge and hung them on a tree as a warning to every other greedy people who wanted to target him.[8]



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