Niu Fen is a Heavenly Ancestral Snails; he is quite talented and managed to unlock the Six out of Eighteen Solutions. In order to open the rest Solutions he went to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's Ancient Land in the hope to find some inheritance left by Calamity God (the only Heavenly Ancestral Snail who unlocked all Eighteen Solutions).[1]

Meeting Li Qiye

Around the same time Li Qiye also came to the Sect's Ancient Land with Nan Huairen, Protector Mo and Li Shuangyan. Nan Huairen discovered a big hole that Niu Fen dug out in the Ancient Land. Li Qiye observed and analysed the big hole and from it he recognized the origin of intruder. Li Qiye then ordered Protector Mo to return to the Sect and bring several materials. Protector Mo came back after one day and they used the materials he brought to smoke out Niu Fen.[2]

Li Qiye instantly saw through Niu Fen's cultivation level and commented that it was not bad, but quite far from the pinnacle of his race - the Eighteen Solutions. Niu Fen attacked Li Qiye and tried to rip out his knowledge directly from his mind. However, Li Qiye's mind was reinforced by many Immortal Emperors, so the moment Niu Fen tried to invade Li Qiye's mind he was stopped, suppressed and blown away.[2][3]

Li Qiye was completely enraged, as attempts to read his mind and memories was his greatest taboo. He ordered Nan Huairen and Protector Mo to drag Niu Fen back and then boil him with the rest of the materials Protector Mo brought from the Sect. The process removed the natural protection of Niu Fen's body and allowed Li Qiye to extract his Longevity Blood. Niu Fen was terrified and to save his life he vowed to serve as Li Qiye's mount.[3][1]

Li Qiye then ordered Niu Fen to dig a deep hole in certain location of the Ancient Land and then bury him. The burying was a special type of communication, and Li Qiye spent five days underground, but still couldn't connect to the person he was looking for. After that the group returned back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect on Niu Fen's back.[1]

Evil Infested Ridge

At the Entrance

Two days later Li Qiye gathered a group of Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's members and led them to the Evil Infested Ridge for training. They traveled on Niu Fen's back, and Li Qiye also brought Li Shuangyan with him.[4]

When they arrived, some disciples from the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom tried to block their path, but Niu Fen devoured them all.[5]

Entering the Ridge

After entering the Ridge Li Qiye led the group to the Cassia Lotus Tree and left them under Tree's protection to hunt down Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits and gather precious materials.[6]

While he was away, Li Shuangyan went outside of Cassia Lotus Tree's protection for training.[7] Niu Fen accompanied her and even brought Min Ren's self-portrait. Together they went into a really dangerous area, and it helped Li Shuangyan to better understand Formation Techniques and refine her Void Imperfection Physique even more.[8]

When Li Qiye returned, he learned the news about mysterious frog. He immediately summoned Niu Fen and they went to chase down frog.[8]

During the chase they met Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom's Heavenly Prince and Leng Chengfeng from the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Li Qiye humiliated Heavenly Prince and was attacked by one of the Kingdom's elders. However, Niu Fen not only stopped the attack, but also torn away and devoured elder's arm. Everyone present were scared by his action. Kingdom's Grandpa Guan was the only one, who recognized Niu Fen's origin and quickly persuaded Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince to drop the matter and retreat.[9]


Li Qiye's group continued the chase of the mysterious frog, but soon they were stopped and surrounded by the Jiangzuo Clan's cavalry.[9]

Noble Jiangzuo proposed a "fair" duel to Li Qiye with Kun Peng's Six Variants and Wise Heart Jewel Box as a bets. Li Qiye agreed for a duel 15 days later, so Noble Jiangzuo lead his cavalry away.[10][11]

However, Noble Jiangzuo and Jiangzuo Tieyi — as well as many other powerful cultivators — secretly tailed Li Qiye, wanting to capture him and get the Kun Peng's Six Variants. Li Qiye easily figured out their plans and ordered Niu Fen to run faster, as if in panic, to lure out every greedy cultivator. Soon, a large group gathered and started to attack Li Qiye's group. They were all blocked by Li Shuangyan, while Niu Fen was "frantically" running away deeper into the Evil Infested Ridge.[11][12]

Under Li Qiye's instructions, they soon reached a territory of a million years old Heavenly BeastHeaven Extermination Devil Ape — who killed all pursuers.[13]

Resumption of the Hunt

Li Qiye then resumed his hunt for the mysterious frog. Together with Li Shuangyan he created a perfect lair for the frog to rest. Li Qiye sent Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen away while he hid himself and waited for the frog to come.[14][15]

Unfortunately, Nantian Hao ruined his plans, while Evil Typha Tree again showed signs of activity. Li Qiye abandoned his hunt and returned to the Cassia Lotus Tree. He prayed for its help and acquired the Holy Water and Six Dao Lotuses to fight against the Evil Typha Tree.[16]

They then traveled to Evil Typha Tree's nest where many other cultivators already gathered.[17]


In his true form Niu Fen looks like a mountain-sized snail.[2]

In his human form he looks like a thin, old man with dried flesh. There are two tiny pairs of flesh on his forehead, and also a small shell behind him that seemed like a shield.[1]


Niu Fen possess all innate abilities of his race:


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