Ninehead Lion Emperor was the Prime Descendant of the Ancient Lion Empire. He was born at the end of the Difficult Dao Era and was an unrivaled genius of his generation. He had swept through the Stone Medicine World and called himself the Ninehead Lion Emperor.[1]

Ye Qingcheng

Ninehead Lion Emperor was eventually defeated by Ye Qingcheng. The always arrogant Emperor was won over by Ye Qingcheng anf even became his blood-sworn brother, alongside Celestial Array Young King.[2][1]

Mei Aonan

When Mei Aonan's army killed Celestial Array Young King, Ninehead Lion Emperor accompanied Ye Qingcheng in the battle againts her. Ninehead Lion Emperor was easily defeated by Mei Aonan with one strike.[1]


Ninehead Lion Emperor is a middle-aged man. He had the head of a lion and also eight images of lion heads around his body, thus his name.[1]


Eight Lion Heads: The eight lion heads around his body are part of demonic technique. They are capable to absorb the power of the stars to increase his strength.[1]


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