The Nine Worlds Alliance was the combined forces of the races that had been suppressed and enslaved by the Ancient Ming. They were victorious in ending the Ancient Ming at the Immortal Execution War.

The command post for the alliance was an old house in a small village in what would become known as the Giant Bamboo Country of the Stone Medicine World. The Dark Crow commanded the Alliances forces from this house and God-Monarchs would have to wait patiently outside the door to be invited in.

Dark Crow personally nurtured many Generals of the Nine Worlds Alliance including the Hundred Battles Godking. The number of cultivators in the Nine Worlds Alliance was innumerable as the fate of the Nine Worlds was in the balance, even previously rarely seen Godkings, God-Monarchs and True Gods were many.

Dark Crow created two personally nurtured Legions to become the vanguard of the war: the Azure Dragon Legion and the Killing God Night Legion.



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