In a remote Era, a genius fron the Charming Spirit created a evil technique, the Nine Sun Annihilating God Law.[1] This genius taught this technique to other cultivators and after they practiced it their power increased. However, they did not know that they were been used by this genius. When they became powerful enough, the genius lead them to absorb the Extreme Sun True Flame into their Cauldrons of Life. This would incinerated them all and turn them into True Flame’s Law. In the end, the genius would absorb the True Flame’s Law to empower his evil offensive technique. The more he absorbed, the more powerful his technique became.[2]

When the Dark Crow knew about it ordered to kill this genius and seized the evil technique. However, after study it he couldn’t help but to praise it and instead of destroy it spent great amounts of effort to improved it with the help of Immortal Emperors. Later he renamed it as Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law and used it to train his disciples, as the Immortal Emperor Min Ren.[2]


Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law is one of the top five techniques of this world.[3] It generates nine suns floating right behind the cultivator that allows to absorb the sun’s energy from the sky. Then it leds this energy into the Cauldron of Life to empower the true flame of life and activate the True Fate, increasing the cultivation level by three realms.[4] Furthermore, the nine suns possess an extremely high temperature and could be used to incinerate all existences.[3]

Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law also could be used with his original porpouse, refining people into True Flame’s Law to empower the technique.[1]


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