The progenitor of this system was Nine Secrets, but no one knows the progenitor’s true name and identity. Nine Secrets’ master was Bao Pu - the first progenitor in the written history of Three Immortals. As one of Bao Pu’s disciples, Nine Secrets started the system a very long time ago.

Because of this, few records about Nine Secrets exist, only a few words here and there in the ancient scrolls. After numerous eras, the system had its ups and downs.[1]

Under the leadership of Lucidity, it once again reached the top of Imperial and became one of the strongest systems, referred to as one of the three behemoths.[2]

The current status is mostly due to Lucidity King, who ruled over the System for three generations. Before his death he met Li Qiye, whom he appointed as his successor, in spite of knowing that the five main powers would most likely not approve.

Lucidity King forced the supreme elders of all five to have their main disciples marry Li Qiye, but only Waterfront Pavilion's Liu Chuqing fullfilled the promise wholeheartedly. As a bridal gift she received the Nine Secrets - nine words that form the foundation of the cultivation technique of the system.



Sects and Clans


  • War Saint Dynasty (斗圣王朝) - possessing Dou 斗 and Zhe 者[3]

The five Powers:

  • Waterfront Pavilion (临海阁) - possessing Lin 临
  • Bingchi Clan (兵池世家) - possessing Bing 兵
  • Calm Lotus Monastery (静莲观) - possessing Jie 皆 and Lie 列[3]
  • Myriad Formation Kingdom (万阵国) - possessing Zhen 阵
  • Godstep Sect (神行门) - possessing Xing 行[3]

Supposedly the direct branch (正统) of the Progenitor[4]

  • Nine-linked Mountains (九连山)


  • Nine-linked Mountains - supposedly the location of the Dao Source, considered as the sects ancestral land (祖地)[4]


  • Nine Secrets (Lin 临, Bing 兵, Dou 斗, Zhe 者, Jie 皆, Zhen 阵, Lie 列, Qian 前, Xing 行)[5]

The words coincide with the nine words from Li Qiye's Nine Words True Bow.



  • 7 Character(s) from Nine Secrets System
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