The Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law is a Life Wheel Merit Law created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren.[1]

During the Destruction of Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom the Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law was lost among many other Merit Laws.[1]

Minor Form

At some point, before it was lost, experts from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect derived a Minor Emperor Merit Law from the Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law.[1][note 1]

Current Era

Li Qiye "found" the Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law in his dreams and it became the top-secret technique of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Besides Li Qiye, only the five elders knew about it.[1]


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    1. All the other Merit Laws that Li Qiye "found in his dreams" he obtained after studying its Minor variant. Thus, if he was able to regain memories about the Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law, then there was a Minor variant of it.
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