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The Netherlord Hexagear Launcher is a Forbidden Weapon created by Dark Crow based on the Machine World's technologies. For safety reasons, Dark Crow separated it into two sections. The main one was hidden in the Earth Vein beneath the Crouching Dragon Mountain Range while the other one was stored in the Little Sea Village's temple.[1][2][3]

Current Era

Li Qiye retrieved both parts of the Netherlord Hexagear Launcher.[1][3]

Li Qiye gave it to Worldguard True God.


In complete state it looked just like a bizarre pistol with an unreasonably large barrel.[3] Its main section is a bronze tube around three feet long and as thick as a large bowl. A faint glimmer flashed on the surface but it wasn't made from a single piece of bronze. It was created from a series of precise and exquisite gears. Upon closer inspection, these gears formed six bigger gears embedded together to shape this perfect tube.[1] The second part is also made from bronze with a strange shape. It looked like a gunstock with a handle and trigger.[3]


The Netherlord Hexagear Launcher is a Forbidden Weapon, so it can be used by anyone, even Mortals. It can be used only six times, and each shot is stronger than the latter. According to Li Qiye, the Netherlord Hexagear Launcher is so powerful that the first shot can turn entire continent into ashes and it would be a huge waste to use it to kill a Godking, while the last shot could kill an Immortal Emperor. However, even Li Qiye don't know how powerful is the sixth shot since he never tried it before.[4]



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