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The city has existed for an incredibly long time. However there are no living inhabitants of the the city only ghosts also known as sentiments, they are not flesh and blood but they look like Humans, Ghost Immortals or any other race. Some people on the verge of death chose to die at Necroplis to live on as sentiment, however they lose all memory of their past life. These sentiments have gone on to create Dao Lineages in the city.

People come to the city to seek the Treasure Mountain of the city which is said to grant immortality, or they come for the Prime Ominous Key which is said to be found in Necropolis.


The City is located outside the Prime Ominous Grave.


  • Nightsea: The location to find Yang Nightfish the currency of the city and it is an extremely mysterious place which is incredibly dangerous as you can only travel across it by ferry because even a Virtuous Paragons would die if they fell into the water.

  • Ghost River: A location in the city controlled by the Ghost Fate Sect. It is located underground and many people believe that anyone who dies in Necropolis will have their body sink into the river. No one knows where the source or the mouth of the source are and it remains a mystery. Cultivators can try their luck in the river by fishing for Ghost Algae Trunks which are masses of thick ghost energy which have the possibility of containing treasures or rubbish. The story talked about most is about Immortal Emperor Ju Tian who found the Declivity-Mountain Bell in the river which helped him become Immortal Emperor.


Ancestral Flow

The strongest Lineage of Necropolis and is rumoured to be the cities ruler, however this has never been confirmed as no one has ever been allowed inside.

Penta Realm Gate

One of the Lineages located in the city and it is located in 5 mountain passes in the north of the city. it is an extremely ancient lineage of the city. One can pick out of five mountain passes to try their luck at exploring. The most difficult pass is the Shifting Mountain Pass as not even a Heavenly Sovereign can move the mountains to unlock the pass.


  • Yang Nightfish: The Necropolis' currency that can only be fished from Nightsea.


  • 64 Appearance(s) of Necropolis
  • 3 Character(s) from Necropolis