“ In the court, there was Young King Nantian; outside of the government, there was Nantian Hao.在朝有南天少皇,在野有南天豪。 „[1]



Nantian Hao was born in the Nantian Clan close to the end of the Difficult Dao Era. He was quite talented and was a renowned genius with many great contributions. Thanks to it he became the Regional Monarch of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom.[1]

Li Shuangyan

At some point he met Li Shuangyan and was infatuated with her. He even came to the Nine Saint Demon Gate to propose, but Demon King Lun Ri used the excuse that Li Shuangyan was the descendant of the Gate to refuse him.[1]

Evil Infested Ridge

Nantian Hao led his clansmen to the Evil Infested Ridge looking for treasures. Upon arriving, he saw Li Shuangyan and immediately tried to gain her attention, but hadn't get any.[1]

Nantian Hao then noticed Li Qiye standing closely to Li Shuangyan, and grew immensely jealous. He tried to interrogate Li Qiye, only to be completely ignored by him. Some of the clansmen berated Li Qiye, but were beaten up by Li Shuangyan, while Li Qiye reminded them to be less arrogant, because Southern Heavenly Kingdom isn't really an Imperial Lineage and have no right to act all high and mighty.[1]

After entering the Evil Infested Ridge, Nantian Hao found Verdant Copper.[2]

Shortly after he found a 1,500,000 years old Silver Maple Grass. However, it was snatched from him and devoured by mysterious frog who then quickly escaped.[3]

Nantian Hao set off in pursuit and eventually tracked mysterious frog to the lair that was carefully prepared for it by Li Qiye. Li Qiye had searched in vain for this frog all around the Nine Worlds for millions of years. Now, that he finally found it, he was afraid that frog would escape again, so he demanded Nantian Hao to leave immediately. Nantian Hao refused to leave and sent his people to kill Li Qiye, while he himself had tried to capture the sleeping frog. Unfortunately, the frog sensed the danger and escaped again.[4][5]

Believing that he has lost an opportunity to finally capture the frog, Li Qiye flew into a rage and brutally killed Nantian Hao along with all of his guards and fellow disciples.[5]


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