The Mysterious Fate is the 11th level of Cultivation.[?]

Powerful cultivators at this level can be granted a title of Royal Nobles by some nation.[?]

At this realm cultivator can open third Fate Palace.[?] It is possible to open more than one palace and the more palaces, the greater the potential.[?] A Royal Noble with only three palaces had a very limited potential and will be unable to reach even the Ancient Saint level, let alone Heavenly Sovereign or Heavenly King.[2] If one couldn't open the fourth palace in the Royal Noble realm, then there are still a chance to surpass this limitation if they could create the eighth star in the Enlightened Being realm.[2]


  • 4 Fate Palaces - Heavenly Noble
  • 5 Fate Palaces - Grand Dao Noble
  • 6 Fate Palaces - Supreme Noble


  1. Palace Opening (辟宫)[3] - New Noble[3]
  2. Beseech the Heavens (问天)[3] - King Noble[3]
  3. Rebel Against the Heavens (叛天)[3] - Rebelling Noble[3]
  4. Decapitate the Calamity (斩厄)[3] - Fate Destroying Noble[3]


  • 40 Appearance(s) of Royal Noble
  • 15 Character(s) at the Royal Noble level
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