The Myriad Star Water is an extremely rare and precious treasure that even Immortal Emperor would crave for. Even Dark Crow, having lived for millions of years, saw the Myriad Star Water only once. It was just one drop, but Immortal Emperors and cultivators with the Grand Completion Immortal Physique tried to seize this one drop and it brought about a war throughout the entire Nine Worlds.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye found entire pond of the Myriad Star Water in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. He used the Immortal Writ to take away some of it[1] and later acquired a bottle from the War God Temple to store the Myriad Star Water.[2]

When Li Qiye arrived to the top of the World Tree with his Tetra-War Bronze Chariot, he fed each of the four beasts with a drop of the Myriad Star Water. It stunned everyone present at the exeption of his sword maids. He healed the Realm God with the Myriad Star Water and a leaf of the World Tree. He used one drop each to break the seal on two Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. On the Thousand Islands, Li Qiye used Myriad Star Water and a leaf of the World Tree to revive the stump of the Ghost Ancestral Tree. He also used two drops on the Yang Nightturtle to get the treasure in the Prime Ominous Grave's Secret Realm. In the Lost Alchemy Garden of the Immortals, he offered to trade it for 5 old roots of the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng.[3] He then used two drops to heal himself after opening the coffin and taking the mysterious lamp.[4] During the assault on the Ancestral Domain, Li Qiye used the rest of the bottle to fully revive the Ghost Ancestral Tree after combining it with the stump from earlier.[5]


At the first glance the Myriad Star Water is not much different from common water. However, inside of each drop the Myriad Star Water had a stars and moons accompanied by the grand dao. These heavenly bodies are hundreds of times smaller than a speck of dust and from a quick glance they are looks like a faint shimmers.[1]


The Myriad Star Water is very useful to cultivation. It strengthens one physique and Fate Palace. However it is extremely overbearing.[?]

One drop can cure someone with fatal injuries.[?]

It's value is comparable to a ginseng root of a Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng.[3]

One drop can remove the seal on Immortal Emperor Life Treasures, True Treasures, and other similarly ranked treasures.


  • While already valuable, the Myriad Star Water can be further refined into even more precious Pinnacle Lifewater.[6]


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