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Myriad Lineage is a conglomeration of Dao Lineages, whose Dao Sources are ones with many images - visual phenomena representing the energy of the dao. These are the lowest level of Dao Sources in the Three Immortals World.[1]

The two great daoist sages are Longevity Sage and Untethered, the Rulers of Longevity Valley and Yang Radiance respectively. They are renowned throught Myriad Lineage because of their unfathomable cultivation.[2]

The three Young Nobles Miracle, Coiling Dragon and Conqueror are the three most promising candidates to become emperor.[3] Martial Court's Wu Bingning is at a similar level, able to fight them equally.

The strongest cultivator in Myriad is Dracoform Martial God, an Eternal.


Myriad Lineage consists of many territories established by Dao Lineages. Some believe there are around one thousand systems and countless clans below. The majority of them are connected via portals and welcome visitors.[5]

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  • 21 Character(s) from Myriad Lineage World
  • 2 Sect(s) from Myriad Lineage World


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