Myriad Heavenly Cauldron is the best Heavenly Cauldron in the Nine Worlds.[?]

Desolate Era

Dark Crow and Alchemy God spent a lot of effort and searched many areas before finally capturing the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron in its frog form. They treated it as a great treasure and fed it really well.[1] They used a large amount of Spirit Medicines and even Immortal Medicines to feed it.[2]

One day Alchemy God accidentally let it run away. For millions of years after, Dark Crow searched for it, but couldn't find it.[1] Because it looked no different from an ordinary frog, no one paid it any attention, so Dark Crow couldn't find any news relating to it.[2]

Current Era

At the start of the Current Era Li Qiye entered the Evil Infested Ridge and found traces of the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. The "frog" was first sighted then it stole a 1,500,000 years old Silver Maple Grass from Nantian Hao.[1] While he didn't know origin of the frog, Nantian Hao and many other cultivators who heard the news chased after the frog.[2]

Li Qiye knew the frog's habits, so, instead of pointlessly chasing it all around the Evil Infested Ridge, he prepared a perfect lair for it. His plan worked at first, the frog came and went into the lair to rest. Unfortunately, Nantian Hao's group came before Li Qiye captured the frog. Their arrival disturbed the frog and it escaped again.[3]

Ever since it completely reached the highest attainment back in the lost alchemy garden of the immortals, the cauldron ceased to be the frog of the past. For millions of years, it had always been searching for a chance to reach the highest level to truly transform one last time. Thus, after the transformation, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron was no longer a cauldron and could be called a god, a true deity![4]


In its frog form it is no different from any ordinary frog. The only discernible difference was that its stomach was especially big, as if it had eaten too much.[2]

On its back is written a great secret.[2]


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