The Myriad Fists is a technique created by Li Qiye in the Current Era during his stay in the Sacred Nether World from the combination of the Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds with his understandings of the Physique Scripture and some other techniques. As a newly created technique it is still incomplete.[1]

Battling Di Zuo

Li Qiye first used the Myriad Fists in his battle with Di Zuo.[1]


It can create thousands fists, each with different ability. Only few of them were named so far:

  1. Solar Fist (昼天拳): It can create a spatial gap in front of the user, which looks like a sun from the spectators' point of view.[1]
  2. Indestructible Diamond Fist (金刚不灭拳): As the name suggests, it is indestructible fist that allows one's to stop any weapon with bare hands.[1]
  3. Extreme Yang Fist (太阳拳): It turns one's hand into the sun; it is hot to an unbelievable level and could melt absolutely everything.[1]
  4. Soaring Immortal Fist (飞仙拳): It is the fastest fist, fast to the point where opponents couldn't even see it.[1]
  5. Heaven Devouring Evil Fist (吞天魔拳): With one punch it creates the black hole to devour everything in front of it.[2]
  6. Hell Suppressing Godly Fist (镇狱神拳): This punch carry the immeasurable weight of mountains. The power of this fist could destroy all things and suppress gods and devils.[3]
  7. Sky Destroyer Fist (破穹斧拳): It us the most destructive punch in the world.[3]
  8. Void Fist (虚无拳): Possibly based on the Void Physique, it was described as a "part of the void" and seems to be an invisible fist that can attack from any direction.[4]
  9. Golden Sealing Fist (金锁拳): It specializes in sealing all kinds of weapons.[4]


  • 2 Appearance(s) of Myriad Fists


    1. Li Qiye was at the Ancient Saint level when he created it.
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