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Blessed Era, era that ruled by True Immortal Sect, ended with Emperor Ye's ascension. Emperor Ye crippled most of the foundation of True Immortal Sect before she resulted Dao Fruit. After becoming Dao Lord, she sealed True Immortal Sect for generations and sect's influence weakened in Eight Desolates and its era ended. .

After that new era known as Myriad Dao started. Numerous sects and inheritances rised and prospered in this new era. Grand Dao flourished and numerous masters and dao lords made its mark.

Li Qiye was reborn in this era.


  • 19 Race(s) from Myriad Dao Era
  • 273 Character(s) from Myriad Dao Era
  • 95 Location(s) from Myriad Dao Era
  • 50 Item(s) from Myriad Dao Era
  • 38 Technique(s) from Myriad Dao Era
  • 2 Event(s) during Myriad Dao Era


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