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The Myriad Bones Throne is the first Imperial Lineage of the Ghost Immortal Race; it was created by the Race's first Immortal Emperor, Wan Gu, during the Desolate Era.[1][2] It later produced two more Immortal Emperors: Yang Sheng and Yao Shi.[3][4][5]

Ancestral Flow

At some point, expert from the Myriad Bones Throne tried to enter the Ancestral Flow in Necropolis but was killed and his corpse now hangs on the tree at the Ancestral Flow's entrance.[6]

Current Era

In the Current Era the Myriad Bones Throne is the most powerful existence in the Sacred Nether World; no one in this world dared to oppose them,[6] perhaps, with the exception of the Ancestral Domain.[7]

Its current Prime Descendant, Di Zuo, is one of the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World; three main competitors for the Heaven's Will in current generation.[3]


The Myriad Bones Throne is situated in the Nether Border region of the Sacred Nether World.[9]


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