The Myriad Age Tree grew in the Machine World at least since the Primordial Era. During the destruction of the Machine World, the Myriad Age Tree was also almost destroyed with only three leaves left.[1]

Machine World Overlord

Machine World Overlord used the Myriad Age Tree to preserve his last breath from the Primordial Era till the Current Era.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye used the Pinnacle Lifewater, Alchemy Fowl, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, the Heaven Restoration Salve and Immortal Medicines like Immortal Injury Peony, Ancestor Ginseng, Yang Vine, Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine and many others to save and heal the Myriad Age Tree. He then transplanted it into the alchemy field inside one of his Fate Palaces.[2]

Before leaving to the Tenth World Li Qiye gave the Myriad Age Tree to Bu Lianxiang.[3]


It is a three-foot tall withered tree with only three leaves growing on top of it. It is not overly thick and its cracked bark looks just like dragon scales.[1]


The Myriad Age Tree is a miraculous life-prolonging treasure comparable to the Longevity Grass, one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures.[4] It can prolong user's life for at least hundreds of millions of years. While almost destroyed and dead itself, the Myriad Age Tree was able to preserve Machine World Overlord's life ever since the Primordial Era till the Current Era.[1]


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