Mu Zhuo (木琢: Wood Refinement) was an Immortal Emperor,[1] but according to Li Qiye, during his own reign Mu Zhuo was exceeded in fame by Prime Sea God.[2]

Drystone Courtyard

Mu Zhuo was one of the many Immortal Emperors who reached the center of the Drystone Courtyard. All of them were tempted by the thing there; they all wished to obtain it. However, even Emperors were not able to do so. The ultimate force of petrification forced the Emperors to retreat with great haste. However, their shadows were frozen to forever be buried in this place.[1]


Future generations knew very little about Mu Zhuo. Despite being an Immortal Emperor, his tales were too mysterious and difficult to research. Some even said that Mu Zhuo had never performed any earth-shattering deeds his whole life.[2]

Despite the lack of records, people knew that Mu Zhuo had many lovers of high status including goddess, demoness, and saintesses.[3]

Immortal Emperor Yan Shi

Among his descendants is the brilliant Immortal Emperor Yan Shi and thus he is mainly remembered as her ancestor.[2]

Direct Lineage

Mu Zhuo also had a direct lineage, but it disappeared along with him and the imperial queen. Their branch no longer showed themselves but people said that it did have successors. No one knew where they went.[3]

Wood Refinement Demonic City

Mu Zhuo eventually settled down with the prettiest woman in one of the Nine Worlds and their child established the Wood Refinement Demonic City. Mu Zhuo himself never entered the Wood Refinement Demonic City, but he left behind many techniques and even his Immortal Emperor True Treasure, but not his Grand Dao.[3]


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    1. His descendant was a Human.
    2. His child created a lineage of Demon Race - the Wood Refinement Demonic City.
    3. His descendant was a member of the Exquisite Valley.
    4. His child created the Wood Refinement Demonic City in the Mortal Emperor World.
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