Mu Yueli was born in the Heaven Spirit World during the Ancient Ming Era. When she was still a little girl her father met Dark Crow.[note 1] Dark Crow promised to her father that as long as he still in the Nine Worlds, no one can take Mu Yueli's life. Dark Crow then personally sealed her, hoping that she could live a happy life during a better time.[1]

Emperor Candidate

Mu Yueli left her seclusion during the Emperors Era[1] and became one of the strongest Hong Tian's rivals for the Heaven's Will. She was an unyielding warrior and even defeated Hong Tian many times when they were younger.[2]

Mu Yueli was not only strong, but also incredibly talented, and gained a title of Immortal's Legacy for her talents. According to Li Qiye, she was indeed a peerless genius, fully comparable to South Emperor, one of the Ten Eternal Geniuses.[2]

Unfortunately, after Hong Tian completed her invincible dao, Dark Crow realized that nothing could stop her anymore. But he also knew that Mu Yueli wouldn't stop as well, and, even against impossible odds, she would fight to the death against Hong Tian. With his disciple on the one hand, and the person under his protection on another, Dark Crow was forced to intervene and prevent their battle. Mu Yueli was offended by his intervention and severed all ties with him.[3]

Current Era

She is considered to be one of the strongest beings in the Heaven Spirit World in the Current Era.[2] She appeared in the Heaven Spirit World once more to assist Li Qiye and the two reconciled with each other as he apologized while she cried some tears.[1]

Tenth World

In the Tenth World, she shouldered eleven Heaven's Wills in one attempt, using the Li Qiye's help, only barely missing the final twelth Will. Thus, she became one of the most powerful Immortal Monarchs.[4]


She wore a black dress while her features were beautiful beyond words. After seeing her, everyone realized that calling someone a celestial wasn’t just a description any longer since a real one stood before them. After seeing this girl, many people would start to think of a particular phrase — Immortal’s Legacy! Outside of her cold gaze, she left no room for criticism.


  • Mu Yueli is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[6]
  • Mu Yueli is one of the few inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who had successfully ascended to the Tenth World.[7] She used the ascension of Li Qiye to cross through the Worlds.


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    1. Most likely Mu Yueli's father was Dark Crow's general or some other close follower.
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