She is one of the Three Ladies of Longevity Valley - the Second Sister and a direct disciple of Longevity Sage, specializing in medicine, capable of bringing people back from the brink of death.

She is the Hall Master of Longevity Valley's Medicinal Hall.[1]


She was reading a patient’s case history, when Li Qiye first met her in the Medicinal Hall. She wore a plain dress with her hair tied up high.

Her brows are lightly drawn like the smoke over yonder the mountain. Her eyes are bright and animated. When she focuses, they emit a frightening glow and an imposing aura.

She is not old but her demeanor was the opposite of this. She is a lotus at first sight - noble and unreachable. However, upon closer inspection, a winter apricot flower is the more apt description, cold and keeping everyone away.[1]



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