Mu Tian (牧天: Heaven’s Shepherd) was born during the Ancient Ming Era in the Heavenguard Sect. He participated in many battles under Dark Crow's banner and Dark Crow helped him many times.[1]

Immortal Emperor

Mu Tian became an Immortal Emperor during the Emperors Era. Mu Tian beseeched Dark Crow to visit the Heavenguard Sect countless times, but he always refused.[1]

Eventually, Dark Crow agreed to accept one request from Mu Tian. At the same time Dark Crow left behind some item in the Heavenguard Sect, so Mu Tian used this opportunity to trick his master. He left behind the order that only by marrying the Empress can Li Qiye borrow this item.[2]

Tenth World

Eventually, Mu Tian ascended to the Tenth World.[3]

Millions of years later, during the Current Era, Li Qiye also ascended to the Tenth World and even brought many people with him. Su Zhen was among them, so Mu Tian decided to personally train her and took her away.[3]



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