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Mu Shaodi (牧少帝: Young Emperor Mu) was born around 50,000 years ago near the end of the Emperors Era. He was a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. In his generation, the Sect was at its strongest after Immortal Emperor Min Ren's time; it was able to dominate entire Mortal Emperor World.[1]

Emperor Candidate

Mu Shaodi was strong enough to compete for the Heaven's Will and was Ta Kong's strongest rival. They repeatedly fought for the Heaven's Will, and both won and lost three times. In their last battle, Mu Shaodi lost to Ta Kong.[1] The world believed that Mu Shaodi either died in that battle or soon after, but he secretely survived.[2]

Great Calamity

Suffering three defeats in a row from Ta Kong, Mu Shaodi decided to unseal what he believed was a great power Min Ren had left behind under the Sect's Emperor's Foundation.[3]

Unfortunately, the power was not what he was led to believe and the trapped Mortal Emperor almost broke out of the Emperor's Foundation he was sealed in which nearly destroyed the Sect in the process. It was only the timely intervention of Black Dragon King that saw the sect survive. However, most of the Old Ancestors of the sect were forced to use their power to contain the still threatening disaster, which could only be sealed away by an Immortal Emperor's formation.[4]


His crime wasn't recorded in the history of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect so future generations never learned about it. They believed, that Mu Shaodi died long ago. Some people also believed, that Mu Shaodi sealed some Sect's Immortal Emperor Merit Laws in the last three levels of the Scripture Library.[1]

Old Devil

In truth, however, Mu Shaodi hadn't died. For his crimes he was punished to suppress the Emperor's Foundation under the Sect ever since.[4]

Later on Mu Shaodi became known as Old Devil in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[2] According to rumors, he was a bastard of the Sect's previous Sect Master or Sect Master from the two generations ago. Either way, all aforementioned and even current Sect Master cared about him.[5]

As Old Devil he was widely known for his indecent behavior of spending money, lying, and fooling around in the brothels. He was uniformly despised by all Sect's members, from disiples to Elders, but thanks to the protection of the Sect Masters, the Elders were helpless against him. The second reason was because he possessed the Third Ancient Order of the Sect, the holder of which could request anything from the Sect, and always refused to return it back to the Sect.[5]

Old Devil spent most of his time in the Cui Hong Brothel, but the reason for that was that the entrance to the Emperor's Foundation was located there.[4]

Meeting Li Qiye

He was the first person who met Li Qiye in the Current Era. He told Li Qiye that the latest Immortal Emperor, Ta Kong, and Li Qiye's latest disciple, Black Dragon King, has been missing for 30,000 years. After that he accompanied Li Qiye to the Heaven Suppression City to perform the ceremony of venerating the dead.[5]

Then they returned to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's territory, Old Devil gave Sect's Third Ancient Order to Li Qiye,[5] and went to the Cui Hong Brothel, the most famous and popular brothel within a thousand mile radius.[6]



  • Mu Shaodi is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[3]


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