Mortal Monarch was born in the Machine World during the Primordial Era. At a young age, he was exiled from the Machine World for some reason. His body was broken into little tiny pieces and he was imprisoned in the darkness for millions of years. When he saw the sunlight again, he was on the brink of death. At that time he was found by Dark Crow who used extremely heaven-defying means to save him. Because of this, Mortal Monarch had a humanoid head.[1][2]

Heaven's Secret Valley

Later on Mortal Monarch created the Heaven's Secret Valley and passed down the Machine World's craftsmanship to its members. Even though he remembered very little, it was enough for the Valley's mechanical prowess to be considered as the best in the Nine Worlds.[1]


Mortal Monarch has a body similar to an iron statue, like any other Machine. His head, however, is that of a normal person with gray hair and beard. He is a man whose age is too old to be determined. Even though his eyes are muddled, there are flashing starry glimmers in their depths with wavy nebulae. Anyone who stared in his eyes would definitely be shocked, for they would come to realize his terrifying power.[1]


Despite being born as Machine, Mortal Monarch actually know very little about his race and world. Most of his current knowleadge he learned from Dark Crow and the legends.[1]

  • Craftsmanship[1]


  • 1 character(s) killed by Mortal Monarch
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