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The Mortal Emperor World is one of the Nine Worlds.

Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, the first Immortal Emperor of the Human Race, transformed the Mortal Emperor World into a haven for the Human Race.[?]

After the Great Calamity, it collapsed and formed the Eight Desolates.




Burial Grounds

Two of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds are located in the Mortal Emperor World:

Ancestral Earths

One of the 6 Ancestral Earths is known to be located somewhere in the Mortal Emperor World:


The Mortal Emperor World is the homeworld of the Human Race.[?]

Very few members of the other races live in this world. These races include:

Even so, there are almost none lineages of other races, with the exception of the Tortoise Country of the Merman Race[6] and the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom with two Immortal Emperors, one from the Stone Golem Race and another from the Heavenly Devil Race, is the nation with the most races; they are even called the Hundred Races Kingdom.[7]

Another Imperial Lineage, the Eternal River School, was also founded by a non-human, a Charming Spirit, Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui. Their other Immortal Emperor, Guan Feng was also not from the Human Race. However, their third Immortal Emperor, Nu Zhan was a human and Humans in general are not in minority there unlike the former two nations.

The Blood Race is probably originates from the Mortal Emperor World; the Blood Primal Ground in the Barren Earth region was created by Blood Forefather, the progenitor of the Blood Race.[8]


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