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local list = {
    ["Nine Worlds"]               = {"Worlds", "Worlds"}, 
    ["Mortal Emperor World"]      = {"Nine Worlds", "Worlds"},
        ["Barren Earth"] = {"Mortal Emperor World", "Regions"},
            ["Apricot Peak"]                    = {"Barren Earth", "Places"},
            ["Blood-Devil Tribe"]               = {"Barren Earth", "Tribes"},
        	["Blood Primal Ground"]             = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	    ["Sky Dome"]                        = {"Blood Primal Ground", "Places"},
        	["Buddhist Burial Plateau"]         = {"Barren Earth", "Places"},
        	    ["Spirit Mountain"]                 = {"Buddhist Burial Plateau", "Places"},
        	        ["Nalanda Temple"]                  = {"Spirit Mountain", "Places"},    	
        	["Cao Clan"]                        = {"Barren Earth", "Clans"},
        	["Crimson Night Kingdom"]           = {"Barren Earth", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
        	["Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty"]     = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	["Godwar Mountains"]                = {"Barren Earth", "Places"},
        	["Grand Palm Ancient Court"]        = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	["Half-Moon Blood Tribe"]           = {"Barren Earth", "Tribes"},
        	["Heavenguard Sect"]                = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	["Holy City"]                       = {"Barren Earth", "Cities"},
        	["Mysterious Bamboo Mountain (Nine Worlds)"] = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	["Pure Blood School"]               = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	["Saber Emperor School"]            = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	["Southern Tang"]                   = {"Barren Earth", "Countries"},
        	    ["Minor-Form Country"]              = {"Barren Earth", "Countries"},
         	    ["Pure Lotus School"]               = {"Barren Earth", "Sects"},
        	    ["Suhang Country"]                  = {"Barren Earth", "Countries"},
        	["Void Trap Desert"]                = {"Barren Earth", "Places"},
        	["Wang Clan (Mortal Emperor World)"]= {"Barren Earth", "Clans"},
        	["Xu Clan"]                         = {"Barren Earth", "Clans"},
        	["Ye Feng Clan"]                    = {"Barren Earth", "Clans"},
        ["Desolate Wasteland"] = {"Mortal Emperor World", "Regions"},
            ["Divine Sword Sacred Ground"]      = {"Desolate Wasteland", "Sects"},
            ["Rampaging Divine Mountain"]       = {"Desolate Wasteland", "Sects"},
        ["Grand Middle Territory"] = {"Mortal Emperor World", "Regions"},
            ["Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground"]   = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Places"},
            ["Ancient Sky City"]                        = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Cities"},
	        ["Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom"]        = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
	        ["City Toppling Country"]                   = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	        ["Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom"]       = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
	        ["Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect"]          = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	           ["Cleansing Jade Peak"]                     = {"Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect", "Places"},
	           ["Grand Chamber"]                           = {"Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect", "Places"},
	           ["Grand Temple"]                            = {"Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect", "Places"},
	           ["Heavenly Crow Peak"]                      = {"Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect", "Places"},
	           ["Lonely Peak"]                             = {"Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect", "Places"},
	           ["Zither Pavilion's Peak"]                  = {"Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect", "Places"},
	        ["Crimson Heaven Sect"]                     = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Dao River Country"]                       = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	        ["Evil Infested Ridge"]                     = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Places"},
	        ["Flying Dragon Lake"]                      = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Flying Leaf School"]                      = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Gu Clan"]                                 = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Clans"},
	        ["Heart Seeking Mountain"]                  = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Heavenly Jewel Kingdom"]                  = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Kingdoms"},
	            ["Heavenly God Sect"]                       = {"Heavenly Jewel Kingdom", "Sects"},
	            ["Lie Clan (Mortal Emperor World)"]         = {"Heavenly Jewel Kingdom", "Clans"},
	            ["Dong Clan"]                               = {"Heavenly Jewel Kingdom", "Clans"},
	        ["Jade Valley Country"]                     = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	            ["Jewel Pillar Sacred School"]              = {"Jade Valley Country", "Sects"},
	            ["Chen Clan (Mortal Emperor World)"]        = {"Jade Valley Country", "Clans"},
	        ["Jewel Colt Sect"]                         = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Jiangzuo Clan"]                           = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Clans"},
	        ["Little Bay Pavilion"]                     = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"}, 
	        ["Mortal Emperor's Kingdom"]                = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	        ["Mysterious Mountain Sacred Ground"]       = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Nine-Headed Dragon Fort"]                 = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Old Ox Country"]                          = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	            ["Nine Saint Demon Gate"]                   = {"Old Ox Country", "Sects"},
	                ["Chaotic Heart Forest"]                    = {"Nine Saint Demon Gate", "Places"},
	                ["Saint Cavern"]                            = {"Nine Saint Demon Gate", "Places"},
	                ["Sky Chamber"]                             = {"Nine Saint Demon Gate", "Places"},
	                ["Training Ground"]                         = {"Nine Saint Demon Gate", "Places"},
	        ["Red River Valley"]                        = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Refined Cloud Country"]                   = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	        ["Soaring Eagle Small Nation"]              = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	        ["Southern Heavenly Kingdom"]               = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Kingdoms"},
	            ["Nantian Clan"]                            = {"Southern Heavenly Kingdom", "Clans"},
	        ["Tyrant's Empire"]                         = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Countries"},
	        ["Violet Cloud Sect"]                       = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["War God Temple"]                          = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},	
	        ["Withered Plate Sect"]                     = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Sects"},
	        ["Wu Clan"]                                 = {"Grand Middle Territory", "Clans"},
        ["Grand Sea"] = {"Mortal Emperor World", "Regions"},
            ["Crouching Dragon Cliff"]          = {"Grand Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Heaven Suppression City"]         = {"Grand Sea", "Sects"},
	            ["Pearl City"]                          = {"Heaven Suppression City", "Cities"},
            ["Mount Qingcheng"]                 = {"Grand Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Tortoise Country"]                = {"Grand Sea", "Countries"},
            ["Wood Refinement Demonic City"]    = {"Grand Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Wenren Clan"]                     = {"Grand Sea", "Clans"},
            ["Dongfang Clan"]                   = {"Grand Sea", "Clans"},
            ["Yu Clan"]                         = {"Grand Sea", "Clans"},
        ["Hundred Cities"] = {"Mortal Emperor World", "Regions"},
            ["Bao Yun Clan"]                    = {"Hundred Cities", "Clans"},
        	["Brilliance Ancient Kingdom"]      = {"Hundred Cities", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
        	["Eastern Descent City"]            = {"Hundred Cities", "Cities"},
        	["Eternal River School"]            = {"Hundred Cities", "Sects"},
        	["Four Ghosts Tribe"]               = {"Hundred Cities", "Tribes"},
	        ["Furious Immortal Saint Country"]  = {"Hundred Cities", "Countries"},
        	["Heavenly Dao Academy"]            = {"Hundred Cities", "Sects"},
                ["Emperor Era Hall"]                = {"Heavenly Dao Academy", "Places"},
                ["Everlasting Courtyard"]           = {"Heavenly Dao Academy", "Places"},
                ["Grand Era Hall"]                  = {"Heavenly Dao Academy", "Places"},
                ["Idle Era Hall"]                   = {"Heavenly Dao Academy", "Places"},
                ["Sacred Era Hall"]                 = {"Heavenly Dao Academy", "Places"},
                ["Zenith Era Hall"]                 = {"Heavenly Dao Academy", "Places"},
        	["Ice Feather Palace"]              = {"Hundred Cities", "Sects"},
        	["Immortal Goal Ancient Sect"]      = {"Hundred Cities", "Sects"},
	        ["Lion's Roar Country"]         = {"Hundred Cities", "Countries"},
	            ["Lion's Roar Gate"]            = {"Lion's Roar Country", "Sects"},
	            ["Chi Clan"]                    = {"Lion's Roar Country", "Clans"},
        	["Tiger's Howl School"]        = {"Hundred Cities", "Sects"},
        	["Thousand Mountains Sacred Ground"]= {"Hundred Cities", "Sects"},
        ["Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)"]={"Mortal Emperor World", "Regions"},
        ["Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom"]    = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
	            ["Bu Clan"]                         = {"Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom", "Clans"},
        ["Multitude Immortal Pavilion"]         = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Sects"},
        ["Southern Creek School"]               = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Sects"},
        ["Soaring Immortal Sect"]               = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Sects"},
        ["Space Trample Mountain"]              = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Sects"},
        ["Thousand Emperors Gate"]              = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Sects"},
        ["Heaven's Edge's Su Clan"]             = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Clans"},
        ["Immortal Demon Grotto"]               = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Places"},
        ["Heaven's Secret Valley"]              = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Sects"},
        ["All Heaven Grotto"]                   = {"Unknown Region (Mortal Emperor World)", "Places"},
    ["Sacred Nether World"]      = {"Nine Worlds", "Worlds"},
        ["Distant Cloud"]   = {"Sacred Nether World", "Regions"},
            ["Divine Spark Country"]            = {"Distant Cloud", "Countries"},
            ["Nightwalker Sect"]                = {"Distant Cloud", "Sects"},
            ["Nightwalker Tribe"]               = {"Distant Cloud", "Tribes"},
            ["Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom"]= {"Distant Cloud", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
            ["Sky-Devil Gate"]                  = {"Distant Cloud", "Sects"},
            ["Sky-Devil Tribe"]                 = {"Distant Cloud", "Tribes"},
            ["Soaring Remembrance Village"]     = {"Distant Cloud", "Cities"},
            ["Static Stream Country"]           = {"Distant Cloud", "Countries"},
                ["Thousand Islands"]                = {"Static Stream Country", "Places"},
            ["Thousand Carp River"]             = {"Distant Cloud", "Sects"},
        ["Green River"]     = {"Sacred Nether World", "Regions"},
            ["All-Eras Ancient Kingdom"]        = {"Green River", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
            ["Hundred Gods Country"]            = {"Green River", "Countries"},
            ["Insect King Ghost Tribe"]         = {"Green River", "Tribes"},
            ["Insect King Imperial Lineage"]    = {"Green River", "Sects"},
            ["Jadewater Country"]               = {"Green River", "Countries"},
            ["Three Graves Country"]            = {"Green River", "Countries"},
        ["Misty Field"]     = {"Sacred Nether World", "Regions"},
            ["Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe"]    = {"Misty Field", "Tribes"},
            ["Dwarven Tribe"]                   = {"Misty Field", "Tribes"},
            ["Nether Crossing Swamp"]           = {"Misty Field", "Sects"},
            ["Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground"]  = {"Misty Field", "Sects"},
        ["Nether Border"]   = {"Sacred Nether World", "Regions"},
            ["Black Cloud Tribe"]               = {"Nether Border", "Tribes"},
            ["Blackstone City"]                 = {"Nether Border", "Cities"},
            ["Crossing City"]                   = {"Nether Border", "Cities"},
            ["Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe"]      = {"Nether Border", "Tribes"},
            ["Myriad Bones Throne"]             = {"Nether Border", "Sects"},
            ["Necropolis"]                      = {"Nether Border", "Cities"},
                ["Ancestral Flow"]                  = {"Necropolis", "Sects"},
                ["Ghost River"]                     = {"Necropolis", "Places"},
                ["Midtown"]                         = {"Necropolis", "Places"},
                ["Nightsea"]                        = {"Necropolis", "Places"},
                ["Penta Realm Gate"]                = {"Necropolis", "Sects"},
            ["North Ridge Country"]             = {"Nether Border", "Countries"},
            ["Prime Ominous Grave"]             = {"Nether Border", "Places"},
            ["Snow-Shadow Tribe"]               = {"Nether Border", "Tribes"},
            ["Southern Tang City"]              = {"Nether Border", "Cities"},
            ["Yin Moon Tribe"]                  = {"Nether Border", "Tribes"},
            ["Yin Yang Gate"]                   = {"Nether Border", "Sects"},
            ["Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)"]={"Sacred Nether World", "Regions"},
            ["Ancestral City"]                  = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Cities"},
            ["Ancestral Domain"]                = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Places"},
            ["Azure Bird Sacred Ground"]        = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Sects"},
            ["Free Sect"]                       = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Sects"},
            ["Greenvine Ghost Tribe"]           = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Tribes"},
            ["Heart Ghost Tribe"]               = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Tribes"},
            ["Iron Ox Country"]                 = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Countries"},
            ["Nether-Soaring Ghost Tribe"]      = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Tribes"},
            ["Origin Sect"]                     = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Sects"},
            ["Sacred Earth Sect"]               = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Sects"},
            ["Southern Ancient School"]         = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Sects"},
            ["War Tribe"]                       = {"Unknown Region (Sacred Nether World)", "Tribes"},
    ["Heaven Spirit World"]      = {"Nine Worlds", "Worlds"},
        ["Abyss Sea"] = {"Heaven Spirit World", "Regions"},
            ["Buzhan Clan"]                     = {"Abyss Sea", "Clans"},
            ["Exquisite Valley"]                = {"Abyss Sea", "Sects"},
                ["Kong Clan"]                       = {"Exquisite Valley", "Clans"},
            ["Great Maelstrom"]                 = {"Abyss Sea", "Places"},
            ["Gu Chun's Four Branches"]         = {"Abyss Sea", "Sects"},
                ["Ancient Spirit Island"]           = {"Gu Chun's Four Branches", "Sects"},
                ["Golden Era Palace"]               = {"Gu Chun's Four Branches", "Sects"},
                ["Profound Sea Dynasty"]            = {"Gu Chun's Four Branches", "Sects"},
                ["Puresun River"]                   = {"Gu Chun's Four Branches", "Sects"},
            ["Swiftdao Holy Ground"]            = {"Abyss Sea", "Sects"},
        ["Dragon Demon Sea"] = {"Heaven Spirit World", "Regions"},
            ["Wyvern Country"]                  = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Countries"},
            ["Bloodshark Village"]              = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Cities"},
            ["Dongting Lake"]                   = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Sects"},
                ["Hong Clan"]                       = {"Dongting Lake", "Clans"},
                ["Xu Clan"]                         = {"Dongting Lake", "Clans"},
                ["Zhang Clan"]                      = {"Dongting Lake", "Clans"},
                ["Hundred-Saints Hall"]             = {"Dongting Lake", "Places"},
            ["Dream Empyrean"]                  = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Ironscale School"]                = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Regal Valley"]                    = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Roaring Conch"]                   = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Seven Martial Pavilion"]          = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Rainbow City"]                    = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Cities"},
                ["Dragonhark City"]                 = {"Rainbow City", "Cities"},
                ["Dragonspring City"]               = {"Rainbow City", "Cities"},
                ["Dragonwell City"]                 = {"Rainbow City", "Cities"},
                    ["Jian Clan (Heaven Spirit World)"] = {"Dragonwell City", "Clans"},
            ["Bonesea"]                         = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Places"},
            ["Giant Dragon Mountain Range"]     = {"Dragon Demon Sea", "Places"},
                ["Giant Dragon Kingdom"]            = {"Giant Dragon Mountain Range", "Kingdoms"},
        ["Godhalt Continent"] = {"Heaven Spirit World", "Regions"},
            ["Divine Tree Ridge"]               = {"Godhalt Continent", "Places"},
            ["Spirit Abyss"]                    = {"Godhalt Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Undying Gate"]                    = {"Godhalt Continent", "Sects"},
        ["Jade Sea"] = {"Heaven Spirit World", "Regions"},
            ["Buzhan Clan"]                     = {"Jade Sea", "Clans"},
            ["Cavalry Town"]                    = {"Jade Sea", "Cities"},
            ["Extreme Yang School"]             = {"Jade Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Golden Isle"]                     = {"Jade Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Heavenvine Citadel"]              = {"Jade Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Immaculate Expanse"]              = {"Jade Sea", "Sects"},
            ["Peacock Land"]                    = {"Jade Sea", "Places"},
            ["Void Imperfection Three Schools"] = {"Jade Sea", "Sects"},
                ["Evil Devourer School"]            = {"Void Imperfection Three Schools", "Sects"},
                ["Sacred Spring School"]            = {"Void Imperfection Three Schools", "Sects"},
                ["Void Imperfection School"]        = {"Void Imperfection Three Schools", "Sects"},
                ["Shallow Beach"]                   = {"Void Imperfection Three Schools", "Places"},
        ["Unknown Region (Heaven Spirit World)"]={"Heaven Spirit World", "Regions"},
            ["Ancestral Terra"]                 = {"Unknown Region (Heaven Spirit World)", "Sects"},
            ["Celestial Pavilion"]              = {"Unknown Region (Heaven Spirit World)", "Sects"},
            ["Teeming Sea Tribe"]               = {"Unknown Region (Heaven Spirit World)", "Tribes"},
            ["True Martial Island"]             = {"Unknown Region (Heaven Spirit World)", "Sects"},
    ["Stone Medicine World"]      = {"Nine Worlds", "Worlds"},
        ["Alchemy Realm"] = {"Stone Medicine World", "Regions"},
            ["Alchemy Kingdom"]                 = {"Alchemy Realm", "Ancient Kingdoms"},
            ["Allpine Mountain"]                = {"Alchemy Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Celestial Peak Divine School"]    = {"Alchemy Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Crystallized Sea Sect"]           = {"Alchemy Realm", "Sects"}, 
            ["Elegant Azure Mountains"]         = {"Alchemy Realm", "Places"},
            ["Giant Bamboo Country"]            = {"Alchemy Realm", "Countries"},
                ["Giant Bamboo Capital"]            = {"Giant Bamboo Country", "Cities"},
                    ["Lie Clan (Stone Medicine World)"] = {"Giant Bamboo Capital", "Clans"},
                    ["Qing Clan"]                       = {"Giant Bamboo Capital", "Clans"},
                    ["Golem Square"]                    = {"Giant Bamboo Capital", "Places"},
                ["Shi Clan"]                        = {"Giant Bamboo Country", "Clans"},
            ["Huangfu Clan"]                    = {"Alchemy Realm", "Clans"},
            ["Jian Clan (Stone Medicine World)"]= {"Alchemy Realm", "Clans"},
            ["Serene Garden"]                   = {"Alchemy Realm", "Sects"},
        ["Beast Realm"] = {"Stone Medicine World", "Regions"},     
            ["Ancient Lion Empire"]             = {"Beast Realm", "Countries"},
            ["Basilisk Tribe"]                  = {"Beast Realm", "Tribes"},
            ["Beastmaster Citadel"]             = {"Beast Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Divine Beast Realm"]              = {"Beast Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Feather Country"]                 = {"Beast Realm", "Countries"},
            ["Golden Crow Tribe"]               = {"Beast Realm", "Tribes"},
            ["Heavenhoof Ravine"]               = {"Beast Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Insect Swarm Valley"]             = {"Beast Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Ox-Herder Country"]               = {"Beast Realm", "Countries"},
                ["Heavenly Flame County"]           = {"Ox-Herder Country", "Places"},
                ["Eastrest County"]                 = {"Ox-Herder Country", "Places"},
                ["Tie Clan"]                        = {"Ox-Herder Country", "Clans"},
            ["Sacred Demon Tribe"]              = {"Beast Realm", "Tribes"},
            ["State of Cao"]                    = {"Beast Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Tombskull Sect"]                  = {"Beast Realm", "Sects"},
        ["Stone Realm"] = {"Stone Medicine World", "Regions"},
            ["Celestial Array School"]          = {"Stone Realm", "Sects"},
            ["Jianlong Clan"]                   = {"Stone Realm", "Clans"},
            ["Stony Edge Kingdom"]              = {"Stone Realm", "Kingdoms"},
        ["Unknown Region (Stone Medicine World)"]={"Stone Medicine World", "Regions"},
            ["Bailian Clan"]                    = {"Unknown Region (Stone Medicine World)", "Clans"},
            ["Drystone Courtyard"]              = {"Unknown Region (Stone Medicine World)", "Places"},
            ["Imperial Edge"]                   = {"Unknown Region (Stone Medicine World)", "Places"},
    ["Vajra World"]             = {"Nine Worlds", "Worlds"},
    ["Western Bull World"]      = {"Nine Worlds", "Worlds"},
    ["Tenth World"]      = {"Worlds", "Worlds"},
        ["Arrogance Continent"]     = {"Tenth World", "Regions"},
            ["Archaic Repository"]      = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Celestial Academy"]       = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Clearing Flow"]           = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Freesky Sect"]            = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Mysterious Bamboo Mountain (Tenth World)"]      = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"}, 
            ["Mysterious Ravine"]       = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Oblivion Clan"]           = {"Arrogance Continent", "Clans"},
            ["Rumination School"]       = {"Arrogance Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Wang Clan (Tenth World)"] = {"Arrogance Continent", "Clans"},
            ["Yao Village"]             = {"Arrogance Continent", "Cities"},
        ["Essence Continent"]       = {"Tenth World", "Regions"},
            ["Qian Clan"]               = {"Essence Continent", "Clans"},
        ["Golden Continent"]        = {"Tenth World", "Regions"},
        ["Pure Continent"]          = {"Tenth World", "Regions"},
            ["Divine Dragon Mountain"]  = {"Pure Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Dragon Citadel"]          = {"Pure Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Heaven Searching Sect"]   = {"Pure Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Sago Palm Gate"]          = {"Pure Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Sunset Glow Valley"]      = {"Pure Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Sun Shrouding Gate"]      = {"Pure Continent", "Sects"},
            ["Jilin Clan"]              = {"Pure Continent", "Clans"},
            ["Southern Sun Clan"]       = {"Pure Continent", "Clans"},
            ["War-Monarch Clan"]        = {"Pure Continent", "Clans"},
            ["Mad God Ominous Ground"]  = {"Pure Continent", "Places"},
            ["Burning Rampart"]         = {"Pure Continent", "Places"},
            ["Potato Farm"]             = {"Pure Continent", "Places"},
            ["Western Bank Country"]    = {"Pure Continent", "Countries"},
            ["Heavenly Phoenix Country"]= {"Pure Continent", "Countries"},
        ["Unknown Region (Tenth World)"]      = {"Tenth World", "Regions"},
            ["Immortal Gate"]           = {"Unknown Region (Tenth World)", "Sects"},
        ["Exploration Grounds"]     = {"Tenth World", "Regions"},
            ["Peng Clan"]               = {"Exploration Grounds", "Clans"},
            ["Donggong Clan"]           = {"Exploration Grounds", "Clans"},
            ["Outer Realm City"]        = {"Exploration Grounds", "Cities"},
            ["Imperial Change City"]    = {"Exploration Grounds", "Cities"},
            ["Hope Corner"]             = {"Exploration Grounds", "Places"},
            ["Buddhist Plane"]          = {"Exploration Grounds", "Places"},
            ["Remote Wildland"]         = {"Exploration Grounds", "Places"},
    ["Three Immortals World"]  = {"Worlds", "Worlds"},
        ["Myriad Lineage World"]  = {"Three Immortals World", "Regions"},
            ["Cloudcrossing System"]       = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Coiling Dragon Dao Lineage"] = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Insane Court"]               = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
                ["Grand Sword"]               = {"Insane Court", "Sects"},
            ["Heavenstart System"]         = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Longevity System"]           = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
                ["Longevity Valley"]          = {"Longevity System", "Sects"},
            ["Pureyang System"]            = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Resting Bull System"]        = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Sacredheal System"]          = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Sword Grave System"]         = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Vermillion Martial Court"]   = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Yang Radiance Sect"]         = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Ivory Gap"]                  = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Places"},
            ["Land of the Fire Source"]    = {"Myriad Lineage World", "Places"},
        ["Imperial Lineage World"]  = {"Three Immortals World", "Regions"},
            ["Agility System"]          = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Famed Bamboo System"]     = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Left Bank System"]        = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
                ["Hidden Golden Grotto"]     = {"Left Bank System", "Sects"},
            ["Li Clan System"]          = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Mu Clan System"]          = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Nine Secrets System"]     = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
                ["Bingchi Clan"]             = {"Nine Secrets System", "Clans"},
                ["Calm Lotus Monastery"]     = {"Nine Secrets System", "Sects"},
                ["Godstep Sect"]             = {"Nine Secrets System", "Sects"},
                ["Myriad Formation Kingdom"] = {"Nine Secrets System", "Clans"},
                ["War Saint Dynasty"]        = {"Nine Secrets System", "Clans"},
                ["Waterfront Pavilion"]      = {"Nine Secrets System", "Sects"},
            ["Soaring Dragon System"]   = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Stone Harmony System"]    = {"Imperial Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
                ["Heavensound"]              = {"Stone Harmony System", "Sects"},
                ["Luo Faction"]              = {"Stone Harmony System", "Clan"},
                ["Stoneclearing"]            = {"Stone Harmony System", "Sects"},
        ["Immortal Lineage World"]  = {"Three Immortals World", "Regions"},
            ["Academy of Light"]         = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Border of God"]            = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Eight Treasures System"]   = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Five Elements Mountain"]   = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Garden of God"]            = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["God Eye System"]           = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Immortal Bronze Mountain"] = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Immortal Demon System"]    = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Jade Zenith System"]       = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Metalkin Divine Court"]    = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Purification Creek"]       = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Strong Grass System"]      = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Skyhigh System"]           = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["True Dragon Court"]        = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Dao Lineages"},
            ["Sky Moat"]                 = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Places"},
            ["Sky Pass"]                 = {"Immortal Lineage World", "Places"},
        ["Sky Ruins"]  = {"Three Immortals World", "Regions"},
        ["Uncrossable Expanse"]  = {"Three Immortals World", "Regions"},
    ["World of Death"]  = {"Worlds", "Worlds"},
    ["Eight Desolates"]  = {"Worlds", "Worlds"},
    ["Western King"]      = {"Eight Desolates", "Worlds"},
        ["Northwestern King"] = {"Western King", "Regions"},
            ["Divine Black"]                       = {"Northwestern King", "Sects"},
            ["Dragon Phoenix Valley"]              = {"Northwestern King", "Sects"},
            ["Three Truths Sect"]                  = {"Northwestern King", "Sects"},
            ["Yin Yang Gate (Eight Desolates)"]    = {"Northwestern King", "Sects"},
        ["Southwestern King"] = {"Western King", "Regions"},
            ["Buddha Holy Ground"]    = {"Southwestern King", "Sects"},
    ["Sword Continent"]      = {"Eight Desolates", "Worlds"},

return list
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