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The Immortal Emperor Merit Laws, while extremely powerful, are difficult to cultivate. Moreover, they are too important to Imperial Lineages to allow every talented disciple to study them. To bypass these shortcomings, Imperial Lineage can derive a simplified, weaker version of the Immortal Emperor Merit Law, the Minor Emperor Merit Law (帝术末技).

The Minor Emperor Merit Law contains the same principles as its parental Merit Law, so it is possible to cultivate the Minor Emperor Merit Law and then change it to its parental Merit Law without any problem.[1]

The Minor Emperor Merit Laws are not as powerful as the genuine Immortal Emperor Merit Laws, but much more powerful than any other Merit Law, including the Virtuous Paragon Merit Laws.[1]


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Name Parental Merit Law
Kun Peng's Six Minor Forms Kun Peng's Six Variants
Violet Cloud Merit Law Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law
Nine Cauldron Life Method
Daylight Sky Merit Law Daylight Sky Immortal Secret


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