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Ming Yexue (明夜雪: Night's Snow) was once a stone in the Bi'an Beastworld. Millions of years ago Dark Crow visited the Beastworld and took her and two more stones from there. One of them escaped and eventually ended in the Stony Edge Kingdom as Ye Qingcheng, another one ended up in the Alchemy Kingdom and became their second Immortal Emperor, Bi Shi. As for the third stone, Dark Crow brought her with him around the Nine Worlds to strengthen her.[1]

Alchemy Kingdom

Eventually, Dark Crow left her to Hundred-Life. The Alchemy Kingdom then spent millions of years and countless resources to help the stone gain life and intelligence.

Current Era

The Alchemy Kingdom finally succeeded in the Current Era; the stone gain life and intelligence and was named Ming Yexue.

With her talent she became the Prime Descendant of the Alchemy Kingdom.[2] She is very famous throughout the Stone Medicine World, but even so, she keeps a very low profile and rarely goes out in public.[3]

Ming Yexue entered Bi'an Beastworld after Li Qiye opened it with Bi'an Immortal Rod. Later, with the help of Li Qiye, she met the Bi'an Beastworld Golems' master and took the test in the hidden dimension inside of Main Temple's painting to become the ruler of this world. After successfully passing, she became the ruler of Bi'an Beastworld.

Tenth World

She was among many people whom Li Qiye brought to the Tenth World with him after he became an Immortal Emperor. She took the entrire Bi'an Beastworld with her when she ascended.


She is considered to be the number one beauty of the Stone Medicine World; supreme goddess of the generation.[3]


  • Ming Yexue is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[1]
  • Ming Yexue is one of the few inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who had successfully ascended to the Tenth World.[?]


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