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It is unknown who he was before his death, from which race he came or even in which Era he was born. At some point he came to the Necropolis and died there. He became one of the many Ghosts and worked as a Ferry Handler at Nightsea.[1][2]

Dark Crow

One day Dark Crow met him at Nightsea and was impressed with his talent. Dark Crow believed that he can become an Immortal Emperor and helped him to escape from the Necropolis, but didn't help him any further due to the promise to the Ancestral Flow's Master.[2]

Immortal Emperor

He indeed managed to become an Immortal Emperor with a title Ming Du (冥渡: Nether Crossing). He was one of the last Immortal Emperors of the Emperors Era, right before Immortal Emperor Qian Li.[1]

After becoming an Immortal Emperor he created his own Lineage, the Nether Crossing Swamp.[1]

Prime Ominous Grave

Ming Du was one of the few Immortal Emperors who managed to obtain the Prime Ominous Key and enter the Prime Ominous Grave.[3]

Ming Du visited the Divine Dragon Mountain and tried to obtain the Stone At The Peak, but it ignored him. Ming Du even tried to forcefully take it away, but without success.[4][5]


Future generations, including his own Imperial Lineage, knows very little about Ming Du's origin. Most people believe that he was Ghost Immortal, while others believe that he was either a boat-rowing ghost of the Underworld River or ghost from the Nightsea at Necropolis, that obtained a great fortune, returned to life and escaped Necropolis. The Nether Crossing Swamp denies these theories, even though the last of them is the real truth.[1][2]



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