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While under Immortal Demon Grotto's control, Dark Crow was constantly involuntarily summoned back to the Grotto, and his memories were read by Grotto's master. After he managed to escape from the Grotto's control, his most dreaded fear was having his memories read by other people.[1]

To prevent it from happening ever again, Li Qiye asked his most powerful disciples to fortify his soul, True Fate, mind and memories. Rather than a single technique, it was a collaborative work of Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, Immortal Emperor Ba Mie and Black Dragon King in the span of millions of years.[1]

Current Era

After Li Qiye regained his original body, his mind and soul were still protected. Niu Fen once tried to read his mind, only to be stopped and blown away by Fortification.[2]


It protects Li Qiye's mind from any intrusion. No one can read his mind and memories, not even Immortal Emperors. Anyone, who attempts to, would be absolutely suppressed by collective might of Fortification's creators.[1]


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