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These dual blades were a pair of blades made out of ordinary steel.[1] They were forged at the start of the Emperors Era.[2]

Min Ren

The blades were used by Min Ren when he was a little boy before he started his Cultivation; he used them to practice the Martial Arts, including the Invisible Dual Blades.[1][2]

After Min Ren started cultivating, he was unwilling to part with these blades; he always had them with him. Even after he became an Immortal Emperor they were still by his side. Every time he reminisced, he would take out the blades and caress them as if he wanted to share his feelings with the blades' soul. With time the blades absorbed part of his consciousness and power and were transformed into an Emperor's Possession.[2]

Weapon Armory

After Min Ren's death the blades were placed into the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's Weapon Armory. They were attached to the statue of the "Crow God" where they rusted for millions of years unnoticed by everyone.[1]

Current Era

Millions of years later, when Li Qiye visited the Weapon Armory, he recognised the blades and chose them as his weapon.[3]

Li Qiye used them and the Invisible Dual Blades to defend against Leng Shizhi's Thirty Six Celestial Deities Sword Formation.[4]

Li Qiye used the blades to cut Niu Fen's body and extract his Longevity Blood.[5]

Li Qiye used the blades and the Invisible Dual Blades to kill Heavenly Beasts in the Evil Infested Ridge.[6] He also used them to attack Evil Typha Tree's roots inside its nest.[7]


As an Emperor's Possession these blades can cut through anything up to the level of the Enlightened Being's True Treasures.[2]


  • In some chapters (for example, Chapter #0091(WuxiaWorld)) the blades are incorrectly referred as Invisible Dual Blades, but it is a name of the technique with which they are used, not of the blades themselves.


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