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Min Ren (明仁: Benevolent) was born at the start of the Emperors Era,[1] in a small village in the Hundred Cities region of the Mortal Emperor World.[2]

As a young boy, Min Ren was in love with the Martial Arts, but had no knowledge of the grand cultivation.[3][4]

Dark Crow

He was found by the Dark Crow and accepted as his disciple. Dark Crow helped him to gather a group of loyal followers and taught them all.[3]

Under Dark Crow's training, Min Ren became peerless youth, invincible amongst his generation. He had swept through countless powerful enemies and even trespassed into Forbidden Burials and fought inside the Ancestral Earths.[5]

Dark Crow taught him many things, including a Physique Merit Law for Solar Immortal Physique.[6] The Solar Immortal Physique became Min Ren's signature move, and even helped him to create his Heaven's Will Secret Law later on, the Daylight Sky Immortal Secret.[?]


His main rival was Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo whom he met during youth.[7] Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo even managed to defeat Min Ren once, but eventually lost and could not shoulder the Heaven's Will.[5][8]

First love

When he was still a teen, Min Ren fell in love with a woman. However, she did not like Min Ren, and was actually in love with Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo. Even so, Min Ren pursued her for years.[7]


Dark Crow helped Min Ren to gather many powerful assistants and followers.

One them was Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon, who was forced by Dark Crow to become Min Ren's Dao Protector.[9]

Another person was Su Ru, extremely beatiful and talented girl, who quickly became one of Min Ren's most powerful and important general. Su Ru recruited many geniuses to Min Ren's side. For hundreds of years, Su Ru was always meticulously standing by Min Ren's side. Him becoming an Immortal Emperor was marked by her unerasable presence and efforts. Even Min Ren's declaration to the world, when he became an Immortal Emperor, was written by Su Ru.[7]

Immortal Emperor

Min Ren became the first Immortal Emperor of the Emperors Era.[1]


From Dark Crow's perspective, the most suitable candidate to become an Imperial Queen was Su Ru, but Min Ren refused to marry even after he became an Immortal Emperor. He was deeply in love with his first love and even though she ignored him, Min Ren stayed loyal to her in his heart.[7]

Dark Crow criticized and scolded him many times for such a choice, but no matter how he tried, Dark Crow could not convince Min Ren to change his mind. Eventually, he decided to force the matter. He used the moment when Min Ren's spirit left his body and made his physical body sleep together with Su Ru to impregnate her.[7]

The process was successful, but when Min Ren's spirit returned, he was greatly enraged. This matter caused Min Ren and Dark Crow to almost completely break up.[7]

Min Ren's attitude caused Su Ru to be dispirited so she left in sadness and raised their son on her own.[7]

First Battle

When Min Ren became an Immortal Emperor his master, Dark Crow, chose one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds for Min Ren's first battle. To any Immortal Emperor, the first battle was very important; it was an opportunity to refine the Heaven's Will. Min Ren personally led an army and successfully penetrated into the deepest depths of the Burial Ground.[10]

One of the spoils of this battle was the Yin Yang Sea of Blood. Even Dark Crow was impressed with it and had hoped that Min Ren would use it to craft an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure that belonged to just him. However, Min Ren already had a frighteningly powerful Longevity Treasure, so he was not willing to waste this treasure. In the end, he rewarded the Yin Yang Sea of Blood to Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon who exerted the most effort in this battle, as a praise.[10]

Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect


When Min Ren decided to create his own lineage, Dark Crow led him to the ruins of the Mortal Emperor's Kingdom in the Grand Middle Territory. Dark Crow chose this place because of the secret, burried deep undeground.[11] However, Mortal Emperor's sentiment was also burried undeground. Dark Crow and Min Ren were afraid that Mortal Emperor's sentiment would break out, so they were forced to place the Emperor Foundation above it and seal the land.[12]

Su Yu He

The ruins were haunted by Su Yu He's spirit. So, under Dark Crow's instructions Min Ren had found the resting place of Su Yu He, restored her corpse, and buried her under the Yearning Lunar Peak in a beautiful scenic area. Min Ren then played zither tunes in the Zither Pavilion for Su Yu He's spirit in order for it to transcend. After many times, in the end, her hatred finally dissipated, and she closed her eyes within the burial.[11]

However, the moment before closing her eyes Su Yu He gave birth to a yearning sentiment towards Min Ren. This yearning sentiment followed Min Ren's zither back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[11]

Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom

Min Ren also created the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom.[13]

Evil Infested Ridge

Main article: Battle of Dark Crow and Min Ren vs Evil Typha Tree

Shortly before he became an Immortal Emperor Min Ren and Dark Crow came to the Evil Infested Ridge to fight against Evil Typha Tree.[14] Min Ren burned entire Ridge and refined the earth in order to destroy Evil Typha Tree's chance of resurrection.[15]

Min Ren then brought the Evil Infested Ridge to the Grand Middle Territory and it became a part of his newly established Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom.[16] Dark Crow was afraid that it would leave behind a potential disaster for the sect, so he left behind two extremely powerful preparations to suppress this place. Even if Evil Typha Tree had a glimmer of life, it wouldn't be able to revive. And Little Silly was one of these preparations.[15]

Dark Crow left Little Silly in the west part of the Evil Infested Ridge, and asked Min Ren to use imperial Amnesty Decree to protect the area from intrusions.[17]

After becoming an Immortal Emperor Min Ren placed a seal inside the Ridge that prevented anyone above the Ancient Saint level from entering.[18]

Battle Stage

At some point he found an Immortal Emperor level Battle Stage in the depths of an unknown space and placed it in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[19]

Invisible Dual Blades

After Min Ren became an Immortal Emperor, he reminisced about the Invisible Dual Blades and once again cultivated with it, slowly perfecting it. After that he left the manual for the technique in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[4]

Next Sect Master

When it came time to choose the Sect Master, Min Ren wanted to choose his first disciple, but this decision met with opposition from his master. Dark Crow hoped that Min Ren would pick a different disciple, even when this disciple's talents were not as strong as the first disciple, Dark Crow valued him greatly for his character instead. Unfortunately, before the decision was made, Dark Crow went into hibernation, while Min Ren eventually chose his first disciple.[20]

Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon

Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon became a number one general of Min Ren.[9] For his meritorious service Min Ren gave Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.[21]

When Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon established his own sect - the Nine Saint Demon Gate - it became a tributary to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. To strengthen the relationships between the Gate and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon proposed a Marriage Pact and married his female disciple to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's first Prime Disciple.[9][22]

True Martial Sea God

Min Ren's contemporary Sea God was True Martial Sea God. After Min Ren became an Immortal Emperor, True Martial Sea God challenged him. The battle that ensued was heaven-shattering and, according to rumors, ended in tie.[23]

Tantai Ruonan

Later on, True Martial Sea God went to meet Min Ren's teacher - Dark Crow - in order to search for a method of severing Tantai Ruonan's bloodline. They made ample preparations and worked together with Min Ren to blind Old Villainous Heavens's eyes and removed all related karmic fate. Finally, working together, True Martial Sea God and Min Ren managed to sever Tantai Ruonan's bloodline and disconnected her from the Sea Demon Race.[24]

White Crane Legion

Tantai Ruonan then became Dark Crow's disciple and joined the newly created White Crane Legion - one of the Four Legions of Dark Crow. Moreover, she became the Legion's first commander, while Min Ren became its chief instructor.[24]

Current Era

Min Ren's spirit was summoned from his self-portrait by Su Yonghuang's blood. The spirit looked at Su Yonghuang, confirming that she is his direct descendant.[25][26]

Moreover, Min Ren's spirit also looked at Li Qiye. Emperor naturally recognized his teacher, but to elders it seemed as a confirmation of that Li Qiye was seeing Min Ren in his dreams as he claimed.[26]

. . .

He is considered one of the greatest Immortal Emperor's in the Nine Worlds' history. While not as domineering as Hong Tian or Jiao Heng, Min Ren is probably the most influential Emperor in history, certainly in the Mortal Emperor World. He gathered an impressive army of the most powerful Virtuous Paragons at the time and swept across the Nine Worlds, leaving a strong legacy lasting millions of years.[?]

Fiercely and fanatically loyal to his master, Min Ren is remembered by Li Qiye as one of his most capable students. According to his master, while Min Ren wasn't the highest standard of genius, out of all of his students, Min Ren certainly held the highest evaluation overall.[?]

Tenth World

Min Ren would eventually leave for the Tenth World.

After working with his Master and fighting in the War to Hunt all Emperors and establish the Hundred Clans in the Tenth World. Min Ren was a monster during Emperor Hunt, stopping the members of the three races. He was certainly strong enough to take on World Emperor.

After that he created the Archaic Repository in Arrogance Continent. Later on Immortal Emperor Tun Ri and Immortal Emperor Qian Li joined his sect, on top of that another five emperors produced later. He also obtained one of the 5 True Immortal Armament.

He eventually started the 5th Ultimate Expedition to try to reach the Terminus and was never heard from again.


He was gentle and merciful person.[11]


  • Zither Dao: When he was still a young boy, Dark Crow teased Min Ren for his worthlessness at playing the zither. If he had to become a zither performer for his livelihood, Dark Crow was afraid that he would starve to death. Dark Crow then created the Zither Pavilion to teach the Zither Dao to Min Ren.[28]
    • Flowing Water Mortal Home[11]



Min Ren reached the apex of the Cultivation; he shouldered the Heaven's Will and became an Immortal Emperor.[1]


Min Ren was a natural born Mortal Physique, but this fact is unknown to the world and even his Sect,[29] because Dark Crow taught him the Physique Merit Law for Solar Immortal Physique,[30] that he cultivated to Grand Completion.[?]








Immortal Emperor True Treasures

Immortal Emperor Life Treasures

Min Ren created at least four Immortal Emperor Life Treasures:

Emperor's Possessions


  • Min Ren's spirit recognized Li Qiye, so Min Ren is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[26]
  • Min Ren is one of the few inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who had successfully ascended to the Tenth World.[?]


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