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A few members of the Metalkin Tribe still live in the Three Immortals World.[1]


Metalkin was a great race in Immortal Lineage, famous alongside Immortal Bronzekin.

They were different from regular humans and demons, not possessing a body made out of flesh and blood.

Of course, some metalkins could eventually cultivate to have this physical form. However, they were born with metal parts assembled together.

One could separate them into eight pieces and they would still be perfectly fine. This was one of the most magical aspects of this race.

Both Goldpython True Emperor and Metalkin War God came from this race. They were distant relatives but the latter had a more noble origin, hailing from their ancestral land - Metalkin Divine Court.

The spectators were stunned to see the emperor splitting into three parts. They didn’t expect him to be capable of something like this.[2]


  • 1 Representative(s) of Metalkin


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