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  • Hi! You are pretty much the only other active editor here apart from me and you did a lot of good work. So, I want to discuss with you a change I wanted to do for a long time. I want to divide current template used for locations (and their categorization as well) into two:

    • locations (like worlds, regions, mountains, etc.)
    • lineages (like nations, sects, clans, etc.)

    There are several reasons for it:

    • Some lineages change their bases, or don't have a fixed location and instead they move around, so it would be better to have separate pages for each location and lineage itself.
    • Some lineages (like Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Tyrant's Empire and Mortal Emperor's Kingdom) were located in the same place.
    • It would also help to divide appearances of lineages (or some of their members) from their locations, because quite often only lineage's members appear while location of their lineage is only mentioned at best.

    But I'm not sure how useful it would be for end users and is it worth the effort. What do you think?

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    • Hi, I am not as active as you are, apparently, and will never catch up to your points ;P  but I am satisfied with being second for the moment ;) I wouldn't have started to do anything if it the wiki was not already that far developed :D  so the bigger thanks goes to you!

      Regarding you question... 

      I started to work on the Three Immortal Worlds part, and there it also bothered me that there is no clear distinction between locations and lineages. Basically any city, place or other type of location is a part of a lineage, as the whole 3IW constist of them. But some systems there also change 'Worlds' or regions as I labeled them, so it might be good to have lineages seperated from their regions.

      The other thing we did more than a year ago is the thing with lineages that have branches in the Nine Worlds and the tenth world, which also wasn't very satisfying to have. But that's more of a problem created by the author.

      Then there are lineages without given locations, or the burial grounds, or redemption lands which float around here and there. And I haven't read much about the eight desolates, but some lineages probably survived and practically moved to anywhere there.

      So all in all, I think the idea to separate lineages/locations is good and it would be the logical thing to do ;)

      Whether it is worth the effort? There are quite a few people writing comments and visiting the sites although I haven't looked much into statistics recently. It would make the presentation a bit clearer, but I am not sure wether it would change a lot apart from a few pages -

      It is good to have a link between the world, its locations, and the lineages. So the overall content of information will probably stay the same? Changing module:locations/list is more or less the only thing i did up to now, but to change the overall structure and seperate it into two parts is probably quite a lot of work, i guess? So it all more or less depends whether you want to put in the effort. After I get an overall idea of your changes I would be able to help to finish them, e.g. by taking care of the parts in 10th world and 3IW. I might not have that much time in the next few months, but there are always some free minutes in between ;)

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    • Well, I've added achievements in an attempt to stimulate other people to become editors, but unfortunately it hadn't really worked.

      Yeah it is a lot of work to do, that's why I'm hesitant about starting it. But every once in while I return to this idea. The easiest part would be to change worlds, regions, burial grounds and pretty much every other location in "Places" category, as they would require only change in template they use. But nations, sects and other lineages would require much more work, because each page would need to be divided into two (or more) pages - one for lineage and one (or several) for its location(s)/headquarter(s) and also change links that lead to original page so they now directly link to either lineage or location.

      I guess I would first create new template and start with one page to see exactly how much work would be needed.

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    • okay, so your idea is on a larger scale then i thought initially, you want to split the articles in two parts right? E.g. Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect into its history and geography part, more or less. The geographic part tends to be small for most lineages, so I am not sure whether it would create more value to have this information on separate pages... 

      But the structure would be clearer and readily accessible, also making it easier to include descriptions and background information on different cities and other smaller places which are now only mentioned in the larger context of nations/sects.

      How would you restructure Template:Locations_Types? You would need to cut out all lineages, and only include the larger regions continents, right? Seems right...

      It is a lot of work, but why not, it is not like we have a deadline to finish it ;)

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    • Yeah, similar to how Wikipedia have pages for, for example, Great Britain (the island) and United Kingdom (country on this island).

      I think Location Types don't need a change, because links there don't lead to any specific lineage, but to lists of them, i.e. "Countries", etc. I just remembered another reason for this change - location status and eras. Currently we have category "Destroyed Locations", but in most cases it is actually a lineage that was destroyed, not the place itself. Location existed before and would continue existing after.

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Emperor's Domination Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Grand Emperor!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Emperor's Domination Wiki!

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